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Best Microphone Boom Arms | Top 30 List (for all budgets)

September 20, 2023

In this article about the top 30 best microphone boom arm stands we will tell you about a device, that greatly improves the recording quality, and will greatly facilitate your creative work. Whether you work on the radio or you have your online radio, if you record live instruments at the studio or make music, record podcasts, or make videos for YouTube, just record speech or use voice chat in online games and communicate on Discord / Zoom / Skype, you will surely face the problem of buying this device, especially if you are a beginner and have just started your way in this field.

Before making this top list, we had a large research on the market of microphone stands (about 20 manufacturer countries that produce microphone boom arms). We spent a lot of time searching for information about microphone stands, reading reviews on forums and online stores, and paying attention to all the nuances of each device, and we concluded that the variety of models is not so great. There are lots of stands of very poor quality made in China. In this article, we will tell you how not to buy a fake one and not to be disappointed in the purchase, but all these are put in order.

Here is our list of the Best Microphone Boom Arm Stands

Nowadays, the microphone stands market is flooded with rebranded logos/replicas. A lot of microphone boom arms have a similar design, but all of them are made in the same Chinese factory. Almost all positions from 20 to 30 on our list mainly include Chinese boom arms, which are produced in Chinese factories and absolutely any branded logo can be stamped on them. As you'll not find detailed review-description in positions from 20 to 30, don't think they are bad. Our editorial team has picked out the best of the best mic boom arms on the market. Boom arms on positions from 20 to 30 are recommended for purchase in case you want to save money. With careful use, they will last nearly 3 years and maybe even more.

Before You Read

This list has been prepared by our editorial team after thorough research of the current market which comprises enormous number of various microphone stands from the worst ones to overpriced ones which makes it extremely difficult to single out the ones which really meet your professional purposes. We have studied manufacturers’ descriptions of the products, customer reviews on online markets, customer video reviews on YouTube and pointed out pros and cons for each item represented in this Top 30 Best Microphone Boom Arm Stands. We ordered some microphone stands for SoundGale recording studio to make closer look up and review.

Boom arm stands positions from 1 to 20 of very good quality, from the most famous manufacturers of the industry, with a detailed description and arranged in ascending order according to characteristics, advantages, package bundle, price-quality ratio, and quality of the overall build.

Quick Pick

Editor's Choice

Gator Frameworks 4000 Series boom arm stand combines durability and all modern features, deservedly receives our Editor's Choice award

Gator Frameworks 4000 Series Editors Choice Gator Frameworks 4000 Series boom
Pro Pick

Yellowtec M!ka boom arms are the most advanced stands with the most versatile mounting options on the current market and, of course, it's the choice of professionals

Yellowtec M!ka Pro Pick Yellowtec M!ka boom arm stands
Premium Pick

Boom arms from Elgato stand out for their futuristic design and good quality overall build, combining all the most modern features

Elgato Wave Premium Pick Elgato Wave microphone boom arm
Best Value

InnoGear has the best price / quality ration. This boom arm combines all necesseary features and solid overall build at super low price

InnoGear microphone boom arm best value InnoGear scissor microphone boom arm
Crazy Stuff

Gator Frameworks All-In-One Content Creator Tree is a versatile, multi-functional stand designed to organize workspace for content creators, streamers, musicians etc

Gator Frameworks Tree Crazy Stuff Gator Frameworks Creator Tree

1. Gator Frameworks 4000 Series microphone boom arm stand

Gator Frameworks 4000 Series microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: 16"/40.5 cm (Lower Arm), 17. 25"/44.5 cm (Upper Arm); fully extended: 32.25"/940 mm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 4.4 lbs/2 kg;

Gator Frameworks 4000 Series boom arm opens our list. Our editorial team awarded 1st place to Gator Frameworks 4000 series as this microphone boom arm stand has the best price/quality ratio, build quality, design, and some new interesting features. This microphone boom arm stand combines all the necessary features you need for professional usage.

Gator Frameworks company known for innovative and high-quality equipment for different devices. Over the years Gator Frameworks greatly expanded their product line and became one of the lead manufacturers on the market of studio equipment and musicians / content-creators accessories. In their product range, you can find microphone stands of all types, speaker stands, cases and stats for studio equipment and musical instruments, furniture for home and professional studios, etc. And of course, it's not the last microphone boom arm from Gator Frameworks in our list of best mic boom arm stands, as SoundGale love Gator Frameworks for their attention to small details and innovative features.

So let's start with the design and building overlook. Gator 4000 series with 454 grams net weight has solid black color tube construction with hidden high tension springs in tubes. Spring tension provides 4.4 lbs/2 kg of microphone lifting weight, which allows you to use almost any microphone available on the market (since in most cases the weight of the microphone, in pair with accessories such as a shock mount and a pop filter, does not exceed 2 kg in total). The clamping mechanism at the junction of tubes and springs allows you to fix this microphone stand in a position convenient for you. Gator 4000 series boom arm rotates 360-deg and the maximum stand length when fully extended is 32.25"/940 mm + it has a 3"/76 mm extension adapter with 5/8" thread for XLR cable clearance and perfect fit for Shure SM7B, Shure MV7 microphone models. Gator 4000 series boom arm stand fits mic holders and shock mounts with 5/8" thread (do not forget to unscrew 5/8" to 3/8" adapter from your mic holder). This boom arm stand provides two options for table attaching:

  1. Table clamp, which attaches to tables up to 2.17"/55 mm thickness (don't twist this clamp very strongly as it can crack, all table clamps have this type of problem).
  2. Fixed table mount, suitable if you have a wooden table, so you can drill a hole in any place convenient for you and attach the stand directly to the table.

This microphone stand comes with a fully removable integrated XLR cable (10'/3 meters cable length) from the box, and with the possibility of hidden cable management.

Now let's talk about the LED indicator feature, provided with 3 colors - red / blue / violet. The LED indicator allows you to keep silent in the room while you are recording or broadcasting, for example, if a person enters the room and sees a red indicator - it's a signal to keep quiet and don't make any outside noises. Or this LED indicator is very convenient to use in offices with glass walls - it can also be used as a signal to keep silent from outside. It is worthwhile to designate in advance for yourself what action each color of the indicator means. Also, the indicator is a good design solution that simply adds lighting charm to your workplace. The LED lighting is controlled by a small remote controller with buttons. To power the LED indicator - just plug it into the USB port.

All of these features come together to create a hassle-free podcast recording or streaming experience and Gator Frameworks 4000 series microphone boom arm occupies a well-deserved first place in our list. Our editorial team has seen Gator Frameworks 4000 series boom arm in Joe Rogan's podcast show. As it is the best solution on the table stands market we would buy a couple of these stand models for SoundGale recording studio.


We love Gator Frameworks brand and 4000 Series isn't the last stand of this manufacturer in our rating. Our editorial team has not included Gator Frameworks 2000 series boom arm as it's a bad copy of Rode PSA1 and Gator Frameworks 2000 series is the most unfortunable stand from the Gator boom arm stand's line.

  • Massive solid tubes
  • 3 tension adjustment knobs
  • Hidden XLR cable management
  • Comes with a 10'/3048 mm XLR cable from the box
  • The springs can withstand 4.4 lbs/2 kg of the microphone weight
  • Switchable LED indication
  • Table clamp and fixed table mount included
  • 3"/76 mm extension adapter for perfect fit of Shure SM7B, Shure MV7 microphone models
  • No cons

2. Yellowtec M!ka microphone boom arm stands

Yellowtec M!ka microphone boom arm stands
  • Dimensions: available 3 types of length: Small - 21" (53.5cm) / Medium - 31" (78.7cm) / X-Large 42.3" (107.5cm);
  • Microphone weight: up to 3.3 lbs/ 1.5kg;

The 2nd place winner in our list of the top 30 best mic boom arm stands becomes a stand from the German company Yellowtec. This brand produces only equipment for broadcasting (from brackets to microphones) and is a leader in this field. Recently, Yellowtec also produces high-quality microphones, mixers, audio interfaces and continues to expand the range of manufactured goods. All equipment produced by Yellowtec is exclusive and it is hard enough to find it on the counters of conventional shops. Perhaps the products of this company are of the highest quality of all that is presented in our list.

The uniqueness of this stand lies in technology “On Air”. It is a red and white LED indication on the end of the bar that signalizes multiple statuses such as "On Air - red" or "Mic Ready - white". It is equally impossible to overlook the design of this product. All the springs are hidden inside the case. Yellowtec On-Air and Classic microphone arms are available in two colors: aluminum grey and black. There are three gradations along the length of the stand as well: 53.5 cm, 78.7 cm 107,5 cm. The only drawback of this stand is that for all fixings to the table and wall, you have to buy table clamps separately and the only suitable mounts are from Yellowtec (you can see mounting them in the picture below).

yellowtec mika mounting options

Before buying Yellowtec M!ka desktop mount, we strongly recommend visiting the official Yellowtec M!ka website using the link to understand the system of desktop clamp mounts and the On-Air indication installing guide. Yellowtec Mika boom arm stands come with built-in cable (without XLR connector), you need solderings skills for proper connection of On Air light indication. But Yellowtec also has options with an already soldered premounted XLR connector. Don't worry, all cables are long, Yellowtec foresaw this moment. Yellowtec also has a youtube channel with installation video guides.

Our editorial team awarded Yellowtec M!ka only 2nd place as these stands are too expensive, but their products are used by all the world's leading broadcasting studios, thanks to the incomparable German build quality.

SoundGale CEO Comment

Yellowtec products are incredible. I have ordered a stand with On Air indication and finally I can say that this is a "dream boom arm". Yes, I had to mess around with soldering the XLR connector, but it was worthy. I recommend high quality Japanese XLR connectors from Neutrik (Liechtenstein company).

  • Withstand microphone weight up to 1.5 kg/ 3.3 lbs
  • Magnificent build quality (the best quality microphone boom arms on our list)
  • On-Air LED Indication
  • Large variability of table clamp mounts
  • High quality built-in XLR cables
  • High price (but it's worth it)
  • You should buy the table clamp separately from the boom arm stand
  • For On-Air and classic stand option you need soldering skills, but Yellowtec has options with already soldered XLR connector

3. AVerMedia BA311 Live Streamer mic boom arm stand

AVerMedia BA311 Live Streamer microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal extension - 34.3" / 870 cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 3.6 lbs/1.8 kg;

Honorable 3d place in our TOP goes to AVerMedia Live Streamer Arm. AVerMedia is a well-known Taiwanese company that produces a wide range of products from streamers and broadcast professional equipment to video conference solutions.

The main unique feature that distinguishes AVerMedia live streamer boom arm from all others is that you can set position either vertically or horizontally, thanks to rotating fasteners + сomes with a hex wrench to fix the rack in a position convenient for you. At this moment there is no microphone boom arm stand on the market with such capabilities. Another great feature is that AVerMedia live streamer boom arm has a 1/4" thread for photo-video equipment, which allows you to set any web or photo camera on this stand + it has a 5/8" thread for microphones. Desk mount C-clamp suitable for countertops up to 50mm.

  • Great price / quality ratio
  • Horizontal or Vertical installation - a unique feature
  • Hidden cable management
  • 1/4" and 5/8" thread for photo-video equipment and microphone holders
  • Can lift a fairly heavy weight up to 1.8kg microphone or camera
  • No cons

4. Thronmax Caster Boom Arm Stand S1 Pro, S1, S2 and Thronmax Phantom S4

Thronmax Caster Boom Arm Stand S1 Pro, S1, S2 and Thronmax Phantom S4

The fourth place is occupied by a rather interesting specimen. There are 4 microphone stands from Thronmax manufacturer in this position. Let's keep everything in order, not to get confused. In the image, you can see all S1 Pro, S1, S2, and S4 models from left to right.

Thronmax manufacturer appeared on the market of audio and video equipment not so long ago and already has quite a wide range of products, such as microphones, headphones, webcams, boom arm stands, and other accessories. Our editorial team bought all Thronmax microphones and boom arms for tests and we were extremely satisfied with the quality of the products. Thronmax Zoom S1 Pro, S1, S2, and S4 are not the last boom arms from this brand in our list of top 30 best microphone arm stands.

The basic specifications for these Thronmax boom arms are the same:

  • Dimensions: max length 32" / 82 cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2 lbs / 1 kg;
  • C-clamp: for tabletops up to 2.5" / 60 mm;

Secondary specification differences of Thronmax boom arm stands:

  1. Thronmax Caster S1 Pro - aluminum grey color boom arms, built-in USB Type-C cable, LED Touch Control light indication.
  2. Thronmax Caster S1 - grey color boom arms (a little bit darker grey color than represented in the S1 Pro model), built-in USB Type-C cable, comes without LED indication (costs cheaper than S1 Pro).
  3. Thronmax Caster S2 - dark grey color boom arms, built-in XLR Cable, comes without LED indication (has the same price as S1).
  4. Thronmax Phantom S4 - matte black color boom arms, don't have built-in cables, comes without LED indication.

We can't tell you much about these boom arms as you can see everything in the picture, they are magnificent. Let's take a closer look at the flagship model Thronmax Caster S1 Pro. LED Touch Control light indication is a special feature of this boom arm stand. LED light is powered via a USB cable, as well it powers your USB microphone at the same time. By touching the light module with your hand you can change the color of your light (red / white indications). Red light informs the current recording process in the room, while the white light can indicate the recording is paused, and will allow people in the room to make noise.

Please, some Attention!

Thronmax manufacturer has quite an extensive line of microphone boom arm stands, but "The Ugly Duckling" has tucked in among them. THRONMAX Flex S5 is a rather bad boom arm model that has serious problems with c-clamp. This с-clamp is of very poor quality, not well thought out by engineers and makes the use of this microphone stand very uncomfortable and almost impossible, despite the fact that the stand itself looks very massive and well-built.

All other microphone boom arms from Thronmax are great!

All Thronmax microphone stands have good quality extruded aluminum build, c-clam tabletop mounting, built-in XLR or UCB-C cable (S1 Pro and S1 also comes with three USB adapters from USB-C to mini USB, micro USB, USB-B), 3 tension knobs, two tread adapters from the box 1/4" to 5/8" and 3/8" to 5/8" (1/4" thread gives you an opportunity to hang a camera on this stand). 

As the cables are built into the mic stand itself we see this as a disadvantage in some cases. For example, in the future, you may change the mic and you will need a different type of cable and you can't sneak it through the boom arm without damaging the cable unless you know how to solder cables, so you have to run the cable over the top of boom arm with fastening rubber bands. But if you aren't going to change the cable, it becomes a great option.

So, if you have a USB microphone Thronmax Caster S1 Pro and S1 boom arms will be your dream options.

  • Massive extruded aluminum boom arms (all models)
  • Good price / quality ratio (all models)
  • 3 tension knobs (all models)
  • Two thread adapters for microphone holders and cameras (all models)
  • LED indication in S1 Pro version
  • USB adapters in S1 Pro and S1 versions
  • Inability to change the built-in cable in S1 Pro, S1, S2 models (but it's a great option in case you have USB mic of any type as S1 Pro, S1, S2 comes with usb adapters)

5. Elgato Wave High Rise and Elgato Wave Low Profile mic boom arms

Elgato Wave High Rise and Elgato Wave Low Profile microphone boom arms

Elgato Wave High Rise:

  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 30.7"/78 cm - max vertical reach 29.5"/75 cm (lower and upper arm same 15.7"/40 cm);
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 2.4 lbs/1.1 kg;

Elgato Wave Low Profile:

  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 29.1"/74 cm - lower arm clearance 2.8"/70 mm - upper arm clearance 6.3"/160 mm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 4.4 lbs/2 kg;

Here are other great microphone boom arms from Elgato manufacturer. Elgato company firmly occupied a niche in the field of streaming equipment by producing a wide range of audio-visual equipment such as microphones, cameras, stream decks, lightings, green screens, etc. Their entire line of equipment is distinguished by unsurpassed futuristic design and build quality. Elgato Wave boom arm stands deserve an even higher position in our list of the best mic arm stands, and our editorial team couldn't avoid these microphone boom arms as they look fantastic. So let's get closer to the main features of  Elgato Wave Arms and let's start with the Elgato Wave High Rise model.

An interesting feature is that Elgato Wave Arm HR has a counterweight for heavy microphones, which is located near the mounting thread for microphone holders, and our editorial team has never seen this technology applied in other microphone stands. Counterweight allows you to fix heavy microphones in a convenient position for your usage. One more unique feature is that Elgato Waves has a detachable 5.9"/15 cm riser which allows you to increase the height of the boom arm. Like all premium microphone boom arms Elgato Wave also has hidden cable channels and has expandable up to 2.4"/60 mm c-clamp table mounting like all microphone boom arms. Elgato Wave microphone boom arm don't equipped with tension adjustment knobs (only on the microphone thread holder's connector) and the technology of positional fixation and adjustment of the angle of this stand is implemented as in Rode PSA1 microphone scissor boom arm stands, with the use of special springs.

Now let's get closer to the Elgato Wave Low Profile boom arm. The only drawback of low-profile boom arms is that they take up a lot of space on your tabletop, but they also give you a lot of benefits. Almost all low-profile boom arms can lift up heavy microphones. Elgato Wave Low Profile boom has a maximum load of 4.4 lbs/2 kg. Each arm of the Elgato Wave Low Profile boom arm can rotate 360 degrees, the upper arm has 90 degrees of vertical rotation and all arms have hidden channels for cable management.

If Elgato will add LED indicators and better c-clam mounts + desk inserting bushing mounts, our editorial team would put these boom arms in the 1st place on our list. I hope we see it in the future as the SoundGale team are fans of this company.

  • Counterweight for microphones (High Rise model)
  • Detachable 15 cm riser (High Rise model)
  • Cable channels for hidden cable management (both models)
  • Good price / quality ratio (both models)
  • Futuristic design and overall build (both models)
  • Comes with 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter (both models)
  • No cons

6. Thronmax Twist S6 microphone boom arm stand (Low Profile)

Thronmax Twist S6 microphone boom arm stand (Low Profile)
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 28.1"/71.5 cm - lower arm clearance 2.8"/70 mm - upper arm clearance 6.3"/160 mm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 5.5 lbs/2.5 kg;

The Thronmax Twist S6 boom arm appeared on the market in 2023, it's a brand-new microphone boom arm that has improved on some of the shortcomings of low-profile stands. Thronmax Twist S6 is a low-profile boom arm with full metal parts and anti-torsional construction. Compared with Elgato's low profile arm, Thronmax S6 comes with additional height risers 3" / 76mm and 5.9" / 15cm, it's a great option in case you need more clearance for your desk. All other features you can see in the pros and cons section below.

The Thronmax Twist S6 boom arm stand is thought out in every detail and we highly recommend it for purchase.

  • Premium full metal overall build and anti torsional construction
  • Amzaing price / quality ratio
  • Two height risers from the box
  • Can handle heavy weight up to 2.5kg
  • Padded c-clamp for desks up to 6cm / 2.4"
  • 1/4” thread adapter for DSLR cameras, streaming light and so on
  • 3/8" and 5/8" audio equipment threads for microphones and so on
  • Hidden cable trays with magnetic lid for easy access
  • Mobile phone holder from the box
  • No cons

7. I-XTECH mic boom arm stands line

I-XTECH has recently released a whole line of microphone stands with very interesting designs and features. Let's take a closer look at these 4 models of boom arms:

I-XTECH Valiant Model mic boom arm

IXTECH Valiant Model microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 38.2"/96.5cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2lbs/1kg;

The Valiant model was the first microphone boom arms stand in the I-XTECH line. I-XTECH Valiant stand model is a high-quality and versatile boom arm that offers many benefits for recording microphones. The standout feature of the I-XTECH microphone stand is its futuristic design that will brighten up your workspace, but it isn't the main reason why we included this boom arm in our rating, IXTECH provides good usability performance as well.

As you can already see from the picture above, the I-XTECH stand comes with a detachable height riser 5.9" / 15cm from the box, it's a great option in case you want to install this boom arm behind your monitor or you need extended height.

I-XTECH premium boom arm doesn't have angle adjustable knobs, an intelligent stabilization system in pair with strong dual suspension springs does this job. From the box it comes with a classic padded c-clamp for tables up to 0.39-2.16" / 1-5.5cm + grommet mount allows you to drill this mic stand directly into your desk. You can also adjust the rotation tension on the horizontal axis with the help of a screwdriver that comes with the boom arm. Any microphone holder will fit the I-XTECH boom arm as it has 3/8" and 5/8" threads.

If you are looking for a premium boom arm and have the budget to support it, the I-XTECH Valiant boom arm stand is a solid choice.

  • Clip-on holders for hidden cable management
  • Detachable 15cm height riser
  • Futuristic design
  • Intelligent stabilization system
  • Good price / quality ratio and overall build
  • Two mounting options: c-clamp and grommet mount
  • Comes with 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter
  • No cons

I-XTECH Captain Model and Captain Pro mic boom arms

IXTECH Captain Model and Captain Pro microphone boom arm stands
I-XTECH Captain Model on the left in the picture, the Captain Pro Model on the right
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 38.2"/96.5cm;
  • Boom arm segments are 15.5'' and 17''
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2lbs/1kg;
  • Both models come with a 5.9"/150mm extension bar

IXTECH CAPTAIN Model appeared on the market not so long ago (this is a new 2023 microphone stand from I-XTECH) and compared to IXTECH Valiant Model has a more futuristic design, but similar dimensions. I-XTECH Captain boom arm has stripes for hidden cable management, ball head and 5/8" to 3/8" thread adapter, and detachable height riser - extension bar 5.9"/15cm.

Let's now look at the differences between I-XTECH Captain and I-XTECH Captain Pro model. In general, both mic boom arms are identical in size and both come with an additional 5.9"/15cm extension bar. But, the I-XTECH Captain Pro model has an upgraded c-clamp with a foldable headphone holder and additional 1/4" thread adapter + tablet/phone holder. Here are all the differences.

The I-XTECH Captain Pro model is currently the flagship mic boom arm in the I-XTECH product line and we recommend the Pro version for purchase as it is of very high quality and has an excellent bundle + all the necessary functionality inherent in the premium boom arm.

I-XTECH Lizard Model low-profile microphone boom arm

I-XTECH Lizard Model low-profile mic boom arm
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 28"/71cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 4.4lbs/2kg;

I-XTECH released the Lizard Model quite recently and it bears a slight resemblance to Elgato's low-profile stand, which you can see above in our list of the best boom arms. Let's look at the features of the I-XTECH Lizard model: It comes with a detachable 5.9"/15cm height riser, cable channels for hidden cable management, a ball head that will help you to adjust the position of your mic (comes with 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter), padded clamp can be installed on tables with a thickness up to 2.76" / 7cm.

Overall we like the I-XTECH Lizard mic boom arm stand, but if you are considering a low-profile stand we would still recommend the Elgato Wave low-profile boom arm, as the Elgato Wave has more positive feedback from customers + the body is made of better materials.

8. Blue Compass microphone boom arm stand

Blue Compass microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 32"/82 cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.4 lbs/1 kg;

Here is a legendary microphone boom arm, after which the market of microphone stands began to improve rapidly, there were a lot of good and bad copies of this model, and some major microphone stand manufacturers took into account the design of Blue Compass. For a time this model was the benchmark and still is.

At this point, we would like to introduce to you Blue Compass, an innovative microphone boom arm stand with a great design and quality construction at a reasonable price. This microphone stand will be a pleasure to work with for anyone from beginners to professionals.

First of all, let us start with the design of this scissor stand. It has an all-tube construction which contributes to the sleek and slim look of the stand. It looks great and, moreover, it makes the stand compact which is a great option for those who have limited space in their studio. To maintain the overall appearance the manufacturer equipped the stand with internal springs and hidden cable management. Everything is thought out up to tiny details to make your workspace look perfect.

The stand is very flexible for easy and quick positioning at the right angle for comfortable recording. Sturdy arms rotate 360 degrees and can handle a load of 2.4lbs/1kg. The horizontal reach of the stand is 32”.

Blue Compass microphone boom arm stand has a standard threading screw of 5/8” – 27 to be compatible with microphone holders and shock mounts with the same screw thread which is the most common in the current market.

As for mounting, this microphone stand is equipped with a C-type table mounting clamp which is easy to install, adjust and take off for replacing the stand. It opens up to 2 5/8" which is enough for almost every flat surface to which the stand can be mounted. In addition, the Blue company sells desk-inserting bushing for Blue Compass microphone boom arm.

  • Reasonable price
  • Elegant design and solid overall build (extruded aluminum)
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • High-quality c-clamp
  • Hidden cable management
  • Internal springs
  • Comes with 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter
  • No cons

9. Rode PSA1 + Pro microphone scissor boom arm stand

Rode PSA1 + Pro microphone scissor boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: horizontal reach 37"/94 cm - vertical reach 33.8"/86 cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 2.6 lbs/1.2 kg;

Here is an upgraded version of Rode PSA1 which appeared on the market not so long. The main key features of this stand you can find in our article above (Rode PSA1 - 11th place in our list) as it's an upgraded version of Rode PSA1. There are not so many innovations, but let's talk about them anyway.

Rode company took into account all the shortcomings of the previous model and first of all they made PSA1 + Pro more silent. Here are all the changes:

  1. Rubber contact points provide noise isolation from knocks, mouse clicks - keyboard clicks and bumps
  2. New damped springs also keep silent while you change the position of this microphone stand.
  3. As you may have noticed, soft linings pass through the arms of the stand body providing additional silence
  4. New parallelogram spring technology provides more precise fixation of the microphone in a comfortable position for you
  5. Cable rubbers of Rode PSA1 were changed on cable channels running along the top body of the microphone stand
  6. They added 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter for microphone holders and shock mounts
  • Good price / quality ratio
  • Silent usage and overall build compared with the previous model
  • Stable and secure mounting (2 tabletop mounting options)
  • New more convenient cable channels
  • 5/8" thread adapter included
  • No cons

10. TONOR T90 mic boom arm with RGB Light

TONOR T90 mic boom arm with RGB Light
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 29.5"/75cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 4.4lbs/2kg;

TONOR is a fairly young brand specializing in audio equipment, and our attention was drawn to their new TONOR T90 RGB Adjustable Boom Arm, released at the beginning of 2023.

The futuristic gaming design and multi-colored LED lighting of the stand immediately catch the eye. But let's first look at the other features of this boom arm stand. TONOR T90 is a real heavy-duty boom arm, capable of supporting the weight of a microphone up to 4.4"/2kg, and has a cable channel cover for hidden cable management. We also want to note a massive c-clamp for tables up to 6cm + c-clamp has a headphone holder.

Let's move on to LED lighting. TONOR T90 boom arm has 11 light modes (7 solid color static options + spectral flow, spectrum cycle, spectrum breathing, spectral gradient). To change the backlight mode, just tap on the microphone stand logo (3s hold with your finger turns off the backlight). The light is powered by the built-in USB cable (you can connect the power directly to the USB port of the computer or power bank).

In general, we recommend a TONOR T90 boom arm stand for purchase, as the stand is very massive - well assembled, looks futuristic, and is very bright thanks to the LED backlight. An excellent choice if you are a streamer or a gamer, the TONOR T90 boom arm will be a worthy device and decoration for your workspace.

  • Amazing price / quality ratio (currently on sale at a low price)
  • Solid overall-build and massive c-clamp
  • Holder for headphones on c-clamp
  • Can support the weight of the microphone up to 4.4"/2kg
  • Hidden cable management
  • Adjustable RGB LED lighting
  • Futuristic design especially for gamers or streamers
  • No cons

11. Bietrun microphone boom arm stand

Bietrun microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 32.2"/81.8cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 3.5lbs/1.5kg;

Here is an example of how Chinese brands can make really amazing quality products. Overall build of the Beitrun boom arm speaks for itself. The key feature of this stand and the main reason why we placed this boom arm so high in our top list - is a HEADSET HOLDER. It's so simple and useful feature we found only in this microphone boom arm (just one metal plate can bring such a huge benefit "China can surprise").

High-strength massive zinc alloy metal booms, 3 tension knobs, rotation tension adjustment, 3/8" and 5/8" threads, cable channels, and wide c-clamp 2.9" / 7.3cm - and you get it all for a small amount of money. No cons to the Bietrun microphone boom arm.

12. Rode PSA1 mic scissor boom arm stand

Rode PSA1 microphone scissor boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 32"/82 cm -  max vertical reach 33"/84 cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 2.4 lbs/1.1 kg;

We would like to introduce to you another microphone stand from a reliable manufacturer which has been developing music equipment since 1990 and is recognized worldwide, and certainly deserves a mention and a high place in our top 30 best microphone boom arm stands list. Here is a scissor microphone stand from Rode which is designed in the first place for Rode microphones but which is also compatible with microphones from other manufacturers. Nowadays Rode PSA1 is the best-selling microphone boom worldwide, with the highest sales volume.

This microphone stand has a flexible and foldable construction. You will have no difficulties with transportation and replacing the stand. Its flexibility allows you to adjust and position the stand the way you need it. This microphone stand rotates 360 degrees which gives you enough space to find a comfortable angle. The horizontal reach of the arms is 32.5"/82 cm, vertical – 33"/84 cm. The Max load of the stand is 2.4lbs or 1.1kg for mounting a microphone with microphone hardware like a shock mount and pop filter. It is important to point out that a shock mount and microphone presented in some pictures of this stand are not included in the kit.

Rode PSA1 is equipped with a 3/8” threading screw compatible with Rode microphone holders and shock mounts. The manufacturer offers different options for their customers if they like everything about this stand but the tread: you may purchase a 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter separately or purchase the stand with included 5/8” adapter. Often there is no need to buy a threaded adapter since it always comes with almost all microphone holders and microphone shock mounts.

It can be attached to the table in two ways: the first one, with the C-clamp that can be screwed to the tabletop with a thickness up to 55mm; the second one, with a special mount installed in a drilled hole in the tabletop. The thickness of the tabletop can reach up to 70 mm in the second case.

This microphone scissor stand is a great choice for radio broadcasting, online gaming, and podcast recording. This stand is so popular that you've already seen it on radio stations and on your favorite podcasters or streamer shows.

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • It is designed for heavy professional microphones
  • Affordable price and time-tested quality
  • Stable and secure mounting (2 tabletop mounting options)
  • Branded cable rubbers included from the box
  • High quality c-clamp compared with another c-clamps
  • No channel to hide a cable
  • Noisy construction after some time of usage
  • Tight springs which tend to go up at first using (be careful!)

13. Thronmax Zoom S3 microphone suspension boom arm

Thronmax Zoom S3 microphone boom arm
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 30.7"/78cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2lbs/1kg;

This microphone stand is foldable and extremely flexible. These characteristics contribute to easy and quick adjusting, positioning, and articulating of the stand for a comfortable angle. The arms of the stand are made of aluminum which together with the overall design of the arms make the whole construction stable and secure. The maximum load of the stand is 2.2lbs/1kg. The arms are also equipped with dual suspension springs for reducing external noise coming from vibrations of the surface the stand mounted to, and the environment so you can experience smooth and quiet operation. The reach of the stand is 30.7" which also gives you enough space for comfortable positioning.  Two installation methods - grommet mount or c-clamp mounting expandable up to 60mm, and two mic thread compatibility 3/8" and 5/8" as usual. Another great feature is that this microphone boom arm has hidden cable management opportunities.

  • Overall build and design + good price / quality ratio
  • Smooth and quite operation
  • Hidden cable management
  • C-clamp and grommet mounting
  • 3 Tension knobs for angle adjustment
  • No cons

14. Gator Frameworks 3000 Series mic boom arm stand

Gator Frameworks 3000 Series microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: 16"/40.5 cm (Lower Arm), 17. 25"/44.5 cm (Upper Arm); fully extended: 32.25"/940 mm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 4.4 lbs/2 kg;

Here is one more microphone boom arm stand from Gator Frameworks. In comparison with the higher microphone boom arm - Gator 4000 series which settled on 1st place in our list of top 30 best mic boom arm stands, Gator Frameworks 3000 series doesn't have an LED indicator like 4000 series but has almost all the advantages of his older brother.

The only drawback of this microphone boom arm is that it isn't easy to remove the XLR cable. In case you want to change the XLR cable on your preferred one - you sound to unsolder the built-in XLR cable and then solder new XLR cable. It's not easy to remove as Gator Frameworks 3000 series boom arm doesn't have special compartments for hidden cable management. But built-in XLR cable can also be an advantage for you if you do not want to change the XLR cable and you need it for future microphone connection (the built-in XLR cable is quite good quality).

  • Perfect price / quality ratio (quite often there are discounts on this boom arm model)
  • Overall build quality
  • Standard 5/8" microphone thread
  • 3 tension adjustment knobs
  • Mounts (with C-Clamp) to tables, desks and similar-sized surfaces up to 2. 17”/55mm in max thickness
  • It's hard to change built-in XLR cable (you must have soldering skills), but built-in XLR cable can be an advantage in case you need XLR

15. VIVO Black Pneumatic microphone boom arm (STAND MIC-01)

VIVO Black Pneumatic microphone boom arm (STAND MIC-01)
  • Dimensions: pole height 14.3"/36cm - arm extension from pole to 17"/43cm - arm height adjustment: 10"/25cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 5.95lbs/2.70kg;

VIVO Black was one of the first low profile boom arms on the market. We have VIVO Black boom arm in our SoundGale studio since this microphone stand solves a very large number of problems.

This is quite a massive microphone boom arm stand which is considered one of the best low-profile boom arms in the current market. It comprises all of the necessary characteristics for a good microphone stand manifesting incredible ration quality / price.

So, this microphone stand by VIVO is a sturdy application for comfortable recording in whatever conditions. This stand suits home studios and professional studios. It is also versatile which means it can be used for broadcasting, podcasting, voice sound recording, online gaming, etc. As you can see in the picture, this scissor stand has an extremely flexible construction which gives you enough space for adjusting, rotating, and comfortable positioning. The arms have joints for adjusting which can be tightened or loosened providing a -90 and +90 degree articulating and 180-degree swivel. The arms are made of steel which contributes to the stable and secure standing of the stand with a mic and mic apps mounted to the top of it. VIVO Black boom arm stand can handle up to 5.95lbs / 2.70kg, which makes it possible to hang a small acoustic isolation shield in addition to the microphone! The stand comes with two types of table mounting: grommet mount and C-clamp. The latter has padding to leave no scratches on any surface you mount your stand to. This clamp opens up to 3.2” / 35-80mm which is enough for literally almost any flat surface in your studio, grommet mount for tabletops up to 1.6" / 40mm.

  • Strudy steel construction and incredible quality
  • Affordable price
  • High quality c-clamp and additional grommet mount
  • Heavy-duty
  • Flexible
  • 3-Year manufacturer warranty and friendly service
  • Hidden cable management
  • No cons

16. Gator Frameworks ID Series Creator Tree (All-In-One Content Creator Tree)

Gator Frameworks ID Series Creator Tree (All-In-One Content Creator Tree)

Meet "Frankenstein" in the world of microphone holders. ID Series Creator Tree is a unique device of its kind from the company Gator Frameworks which combines all-in-one modular holders. Gator Frameworks ID Series Creator Tree can solve all your workplace organization problems, you will no longer have problems with positioning of your devices. Let's keep everything in order and take a closer look at all the features of this unique device.

The whole system of holders / mounts is modular, you can attach and detach mounts from the main "tree trunk" element. Main Tower stand has a massive c-clamp for tabletops up to 2.3" / 6cm, height of the main tower is 26-inch / 66cm. You can also find options with 31-inch / 71,7cm height.

At the top of the main tower is a Gator Frameworks 1000 Series boom arm with built-in XLR cable. You can see all the characteristics of this microphone stand below in our list.

On the sides of the main tower, there are two arms. The first arm has a 10" LED ring light with a smartphone holder. The ring light has three color modes (cool, neutral & warm white (3200k, 4500k, 5500k) and 10 brightness levels. The second arm mount has a heavy-duty ball head camera mount with a reversible cold shoe adapter (tilts 90 degrees & pans 360 degrees for custom camera positioning).

In Amazon, you can also find different Creator Tree package bundles with more modular mount options, such as monitor mount arms. And on our link above you can find separate mount options and accessories for this mounting system, there are a very large number of them.

Overall, the Gator Frameworks All-In-One Content Creator Tree is a practical and convenient solution for content creators who need to keep their equipment organized and within reach. With its adjustable arms, shelves, hooks, and clamps, this stand provides the versatility and functionality that you need to create content effectively and efficiently.

17. VIVO Premium mic boom arm stand

VIVO Premium microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max height adjustment 37.4"/95cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2lbs/1kg;

VIVO company produces a large number of the equipment for home and office and specializes mainly in professional desks, mounts, and accessories for workspace. This microphone boom arm stand is made in the style of the well-known Blue Compass microphone stand and of course, it deserves your attention as it has high quality built and currently has low price on the market.

The main feature of this stand is that it is very high and has a maximum height of 37.4"/95cm, internal springs, 3 tension adjustment knobs, metal boom arms, two threads for microphone holders 3/8" and 5/8", hidden cable management for any type of cable, simply mounting to your tabletop via c-clamp (for tabletops up to 0.4" to 2.4" / 6cm) and via grommet mount.

  • Very high length of this boom arm up to 37.4"/95cm
  • Amazing price / quality ratio
  • C-clamp and additional grommet mount from the box
  • Hidden cable management
  • Fits 3/8” or 5/8” mic threads
  • 3-Year manufacturer warranty and friendly service
  • No cons

18. Samson line of microphone boom arm stands (MBA18, MBA26, MBA28, MBA38, MBA48)

Samson line of microphone boom arm stands (MBA18, MBA26, MBA28, MBA38, MBA48)

Samson Technologies is a pretty old and well-known company, thanks to its bestseller microphone Samson Meteor, which specializes mainly in microphones, but also has a wide range of audio equipment in its product line. The number mark in the model name indicates the boom arm's maximum extension height in inches. So let's look closer at the microphone boom arm stands product line:

  1. Samson MBA18 is a simple telescopic microphone boom arm with max extension up to 18"/46cm, 5/8 -27 mic thread without any adapters, comes with a c-clamp for tabletops up to 2"/5cm from the box, can hold microphones weighting up to 5lbs/2.2kg (but we highly recommend to don't overload this microphone stand, as tension knobs and tension threads can break down after time), possibility to adjust the angle incline up to 90 degrees.
  2. Samson MBA26 stands out from the entire line of microphone stands from the Samson brand, as it is made in the boom arm style. The stand is able to support the weight of the mic up to 2.3kg (an excellent feature!), has 3 tension knobs for position adjustment, a max vertical reach of 26"/66cm and 5/8” standard thread. Unfortunately, the package includes only a c-clamp table mount but it’s pretty sturdy. A nice bonus is that it comes with cable holders.
  3. Samson MBA28 has the style of the world's best-selling microphone boom arm Rode PSA1 but unfortunately has a smaller size and length (max reach 28"/71 cm) than the Rode PSA1 (max reach 33"/84 cm). In addition to the usual desktop c-clamp mount, the package bundle includes a screw-down flange-style mount. Suitable for microphones weighing up to 5lbs / 2.3 kg and fits microphone holders with a standard 5/8” thread.
  4. Samson MBA38 is exactly the same microphone stand with identical configuration, package bundle and characteristics as the Samson MBA 28 But it has dimensions comparable to the Rode PSA1 stand. Samson MBA38 has a maximum vertical reach of 38"/96cm.
  5. Samson MBA48 is quite a unique stand that is also made in the style of Rode PSA 1 but has increased dimensions and length (max vertical reach 48"/122 cm). Samson MBA 48 is one of the highest microphone boom arms stands available on the microphone accessories market today. In all parameters and characteristics, the Samson 48-38-28 racks are similar and have the same configuration, package bundle, and characteristics.

As a result, we recommend all microphone boom arm stands from Samson Technologies for purchase - they are of sufficient quality and have an excellent price/quality ratio. You just need to choose the mic stand you like and select the boom arm according to your needs and desired parameters.

  • Good package
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Two options for tabletop mounting - standard c-clamp and screw-down flange-style mount (in Samson MBA28-38-48 boom arm models)
  • Variability of choice by parameters and size of the microphone stand
  • All mic stands from the product range can lift heavy microphones
  • No cons

19. Gator Frameworks 500 Series slim profile mic boom arm stand

Gator Frameworks 500 Series slim profile microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 32.7"/83cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2lbs/1kg;

Yes, another microphone boom stand from Gator Frameworks. 500 Series slim profile stand is a very simple microphone boom arm with 3 angle adjustable knobs, cable holders, and classic c-clamp for desks up to 2.4" / 61mm, 3/8" and 5/8" thread adapters. The design of the Gator Frameworks 500 Series boom arm reminds us a bit of steampunk style. The only downside is that it's a bit pricey, but in all other respects, it is a fairly functional microphone stand. And YES, it's better than Gator Frameworks 1000 Series which you can see in our list below.

20. Gator Frameworks 1000 Series scissor microphone boom arm stand

Gator Frameworks 1000 Series scissor microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max extension up to 38.5"/98cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.60lbs./1.18kg;

This is a scissor design microphone boom arm stand that will be a great choice for lecturers and podcasters, streamers, and musicians. This microphone stand can also be used for recording kick and bass drums, guitar, and bass guitar amplifier cabinets as it is very high. The maximum extension height of this microphone stand is 38.5"/98 cm and it has 2 tension knobs for angle adjustment. The microphone stand features built-in 10ft/3m long XLR cable, to be honest, built-in cable can be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time, as it's too hard to change a cable (you need some soldering skills), but it's also great option in case if you need XLR cable and you do not want to buy XLR cable separately.

In all other respects, this is the usual good scissor-design microphone boom arm stand. There are a lot of same-looking scissor boom arm stands on the market from no-name Chinese manufacturers with lower prices and our editorial team highly recommend spending 10-20 dollars more to buy Gator Frameworks stand as it will provide a higher quality fasteners, clamps, and overall build and this microphone stand will last longer compared to noname Chinese scissor boom arm stands.

Gator do things!

  • Maximum extension up to 38.5"/98cm
  • 2 Tension knobs for angle adjustment
  • Buld-in XLR cable
  • Compitability with almost all studio type microphones and microphone holders
  • Only 5/8 - 27 mic thread without any adapters
  • on't overtight c-clamp to strong as it can break (proven by years of use and a large number of customer reviews)

21. K&M 23850 and K&M 23860 microphone boom arm stands

K&M 23850 and K&M 23860 microphone boom arm stands

K&M 23850:

  • Dimensions: max extension 37"/94cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 1.7 lbs/770gram;

K&M 23860:

  • Dimensions: max extension 37"/94cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 3.2lbs/1.5kg;

Here are two microphone boom arm stands from K&M. König & Meyer is one of the oldest manufacturers of music equipment and is known for its high-quality and innovative music accessories which correspond current needs of customers, from beginners to professionals. The disadvantage of these microphone boom arm stands is a rather high price and K&M 23850 and K&M 23860 boom arms were released a long time ago (nearly 10 years ago), it seems to us that the market has outgrown these boom arm models, but if you are connoisseurs of German product quality and brand fan, you can take a closer look at these two models + König & Meyer gives you 5-year warranty on all products (music equipment market don't have any brands that would give such an extended warranty for their products). All products of this K&M are sold at a fairly high price as they use premium materials in their products and K&M pays great attention to details and build quality.

K&M 23850 microphone scissor boom arm stand has an all-steel construction that comprises such characteristics as stability, durability, and reliability. The stand comes with the standard 3/8" to 5/8 – 27 thread screw adapter for standard microphone applications available in the current market and K&M 23850 has a 5m built-in XLR cable. This microphone stand can handle 1.7lbs of weight. Also, it is important to mention that the stand comes with a table C-type mounting clamp which opens up to 2"/50mm and makes it possible and easy to mount securely the stand to almost every flat surface.

K&M 23860 is another microphone boom arm stand with very promising characteristics according to its price. This microphone stand is made of steel which makes the stand very durable and stable allowing no bending under the weight of a microphone and microphone applications. The maximum load of the stand is 3.2lbs/1.5kg. K&M 23860 microphone boom arm stand has a standard 3/8 to 5/8" thread adapter for standard microphone shock mounts and other microphone applications. Also, it can be attached to any surface up to 2"/50mm with a table C-type mounting clamp which comes with the stand. It is important to point out that K&M 23860 stand has inserted 6m XLR cable, maintaining the overall look of the stand and making it even more comfortable to work with the stand because there is no mess with wires around your workplace.

  • Good height adjustment in both models 37"/94cm of max extension
  • Reliable manufacturer and premium materials
  • Massive c-clamp construction in both models
  • 3 tension adjustment knobs in both models
  • 5-year warranty on both models (removing and replacing the XLR cable into the arm of your K&M 23850 and K&M 23860 goes against the product's warranty)
  • 3/8 to 5/8 adapter made of cheap plastic
  • Built-in XLR cable in both models (need soldering skills to change a cable, in case you need XLR cable it's a great option)
  • Overpriced

22. On-Stage MBS5000 and On-Stage MBS7500 scissor mic boom arm stands

On-Stage MBS5000 and On-Stage MBS7500 scissor microphone boom arm

On-Stage MBS 5000:

  • Dimensions: max extension 38"/96.5cm (each arm measures 19.5″);
  • Microphones weigh max recommended up to 3.5 lbs/1.6kg;

On-Stage MBS 7500:

  • Dimensions: max extension 40"/101cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 3.5lbs/1.6kg;

The company On Stage is on the market for 36 years and produces accessories for musical instruments and studio equipment. It is very hard to imagine a studio where there would not be production from On Stage. All stands of this brand are well known worldwide, attracting customers with excellent quality and reasonably low cost. And of course, On-Stage microphone boom arm stands deserve a spot on our top 30 list.

On-Stage MBS5000. Where else could you find a stand that can hold a microphone weighing 1.6 kg with a cost of $40, and XLR cable in a set? We would also like to mention the quality of the springs, which has a sufficiently strong tension that prolongs the life of the stand. Springs are extremely tight, it can take you some time to loosen them a bit putting in some physical effort. As a nice bonus, in addition to the usual attachment to the table(table mounting clamp of C-type extends up to 2”), the set also comes with a screw-down flange-style mount. Another great feature is that the stand is designed with the function of quiet change of position, so your recordings won't get third-party sounds and squeals when changing the position of a microphone. This scissor stand has a standard 5/8” – 27 tread so that you do not have to waste your time searching for clips and apps which suit the thread.

On-Stage MBS7500 is the second stand from On-Stage here. We placed it on the list because it relinquishes Rode PSA1 in all respects. All the important features of this stand you can read above. We recommend On Stage MBS7500 purchase, as an alternative to Rode PSA1 (if there is something you don't like). Its design allows adjusting and rotating the stand 150 degrees vertically which gives enough space for comfortable positioning. The whole construction is tight and stable and can handle weight up to 3.5lbs. The upper arm is 20” and is equipped with the standard 5/8” – 27 treading screw for standard microphone shock mounts and other hardware. This scissor microphone stand can be attached to a surface in two different ways, either it can be screwed directly to the wooden surface or clamped to the table with an included table mounting clamp that opens up to 2”.

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Two table mounting options in both models
  • Durable and stable
  • It can handle mics up to 3.5lbs both models
  • Installed XLR cable in On-Stage MBS5000
  • Built-in XLR cable. You can change it only in the way you have some soldering skills, also you can cut the cable to take it out
  • Built-in XLR cable in both models (need soldering skills to change a cable, in case you need XLR cable it's a great option)
  • Tensive spring which lifts up if a mic and mic hardware is light (On-Stage MBS7500)

23. Donner microphone boom arm stand

Donner microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max extension up to 33"/83cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 3.3lbs./1.5kg;

The Donner brand appeared in the audio equipment market not so long ago and has taken its place in this niche due to good prices and the quality of its products. We mentioned this device because it has a great price and good design + overall build. This stand is made in Blue Compass and some Gator - Thronmax brand styles which you can also see in our list. Donner microphone boom arm is designed for microphones weighing from 0.5 to 1.5 kg, has a recess for hidden cable management, 3 tension knobs for adjusting the position of the microphone, and an excellent addition is the presence of thread adapter from 3/8" to 5/8". Also worth noting is the excellent solid c-clamp for tabletops up to 2.5”/6.3cm wide. Boom arms are made of premium metal.

Donner microphone boom arm is a great option for beginners and professionals in their field.

  • Perfect price/quality ratio
  • Durable stable constriction and modern design
  • Boom arms made of premium metal
  • 3 tension knobs
  • Thread adapter from 3/8" to 5/8"
  • Only C-clamp tabletop mounting option

24. YOUSHARES mic boom arm stand with RGB light

YOUSHARES microphone boom arm stand with RGB light
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 34"/86cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.6lbs/1.2kg;

Pretty interesting Chinese boom arm in our list. Of course, we added this microphone stand to our list because of the unique LED lighting. We highly recommend checking out this mic stand if you're a fan of LED lights like our editorial team. Also SUNMON Chinese brand has the same LED boom arm, you can check who sells it cheaper YOUSHARES or SUNMON, and buy at a lower price. The only thing we do not recommend is hanging heavy microphones and accessories on this stand, as we still do not know how reliable it is, since it appeared on the market not so long ago.

Most interesting, the engineer who produced this boom arm foreseen all the nuances. This LED boom arm stand has a nice c-clamp for tables up to 2.5" / 6cm, hidden cable channels and strips for cable management, height riser tube 6.3" / 16cm, 1/4" thread screw + 3/8" and 5/8" thread adapters.

We hope that over time this stand will rise to higher positions in our rankings.

LED is Love, LED is Life...

25. SUNMON microphone boom arm stand

SUNMON microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max extension up to 30"/76cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 4lbs./1.8kg;

Another futuristic-looking microphone boom arm from Chinese brand SUNMON. SUNMON brand mainly orders microphone stands and audio equipment in China and marks the stands and equipment with its logo (you can see the exact same stand under the logo of another brand since they are all made in the same Chinese factory). But do not think the SUNMON microphone boom arm is a bad and low-quality microphone stand. For its price, it has a very good package, workmanship, design, and features. A distinctive feature of this boom arm is that the angle of the stand is adjustable using hex screws and hex wrenches. Package includes metal microphone boom arm, c-clamp for tabletops up to 2.55"/6.5cm,  3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter, 4x cable clips for hidden cable management, 2x hex screwdrivers. On the second link below you can also see exactly the same microphone stand, but a little bit cheaper. It has tons of positive reviews and good user experience feedback, but we highly recommend not to overload this microphone stand with heavy microphones and accessories for more continuous stand's lifetime.

  • Good price
  • Nice package bundle
  • Futuristic design and metal constriction
  • Thread adapter and cable clips for careful cable management
  • No cons, but don't overload this mic stand with heavy microphones!

26. Frgyee scissor mic boom arm stand

Frgyee scissor microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max vertical extension up to 31.5"/78.7cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 4.5lbs./2kg;

In the market, our editorial team discovered a very interesting scissor arm sample. Frgyee is a "Noname" Chinese brand, but their microphone stand deserves your attention. As you can see Frgyee microphone boom arm has an unusual futuristic design and has a number of non-standard features. Hex screws and hex wrench secure the metal arms of the microphone stand and allow to adjust the angle of slope. Hex screws are quite rare in microphone boom arm stands, but as practice shows, the design is quite reliable and allows you to hold the weight of fairly heavy microphones or devices. The Frgyee scissor microphone boom arm has a max bearing capacity of 4.5lbs, 360° rotation, 31.5"/78.7cm vertical distance, a good package from the box which includes: 3/8" to 5/8" screw adapter, table mounting clamp with silicone pads for tabletops up to 2.5"/5cm, cable tie 4x. The futuristic design of the Frgyee scissor microphone boom arm did not leave our editorial team indifferent, despite the fact that it is "Noname" Chinese brand, we highly recommend this mic stand for purchase.

  • Perfect price/quality ratio - it's pretty cheap
  • Durable stable constriction and futuristic design
  • Hex screw angle fixation
  • Thread adapter from 3/8" to 5/8" + 4x cable tie from the box
  • Good quality c-clamp
  • There is a small number of user reviews on this stand and we don't know exactly how long it can serve you, but if you use this mic stand with a light microphone, the lifespan of the stand will be very long.

27. Mercase microphone boom arm stand

Mercase microphone boom arm stand
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 29"/74cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 1.5lbs/0.7kg;

Pretty simple and minimalistic boom arm. We recommend looking at this boom arm if you're a fan of the minimalism style. It's a nice choice for a cozy minimalistic workspace.

28. KDD microphone boom arm with gooseneck

KDD microphone boom arm with gooseneck
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 28.2"/71cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 3lbs/1.3kg;

KDD boom arm is a one-of-a-kind stand with a gooseneck part and 360° swivel top arm part. Pretty interesting boom arm, so let's look closer at all functionality.

This microphone stand has two distinctive features. The first is the top arm swivel mechanism, which allows this boom arm mic stand to be used as a low profile mic stands and rotate to various angles. A handy feature for those who need an unusual stand angle to organize their workspace. The second feature is the gooseneck part 6.3"/ 15cm. Also a good item for microphone positioning. Unfortunately, we did not find information about whether the gooseneck part is removable

Package bundle includes: mic boom arm, c-clamp for tabletops up to 2"/5cm, thread adapters 3/8" to 5/8" and 3/8" to 1/4", 5x cable ties, two microphone holders (holder for dynamic small mics and holder for studio mics up to 40-50mm in width).

In general, this is a good and cheap boom arm, but keep in mind that some parts are made of cheap plastic + gooseneck does not last long. If you want this stand to serve you for a long time, do not use it with heavy microphones, we recommend using this boom arm stand with microphones and accessories weighing no more than 0,8 lbs / 400 grams.

29. Heil Sound HB-1 and Heil Sound PL-2T mic suspension boom arm stands

Heil Sound HB-1 and Heil Sound PL-2T microphone suspension boom arm stands

Heil Sound HB-1:

  • Dimensions: max extension 40"/101cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 2.5lbs/1.1kg;

Heil Sound PL-2T:

  • Dimensions: max extension 40"/101cm;
  • Microphones weigh: max recommended 2.5lbs/1.1kg;

Heil Sound is a fairly well-known company that manufactures audio equipment, microphones, and microphone accessories. We haven't placed Heil Sound in high positions on our list of best microphone boom arm stands because their products are quite expensive and don't have a very good price-quality ratio. But our editorial team still recommends taking a closer look at this brand.

Heil Sound HB-1 is a foldable microphone scissor boom arm stand with all the necessary characteristics for beginners, amateurs, and professionals of today. Heil Sound HB-1 is made of steel which is one of the best materials for microphone stands as far as it is sturdy and secure. It does not bend which is a very important characteristic of any microphone stand. Steel constructions also provide durability and can even handle professional heavy microphones without falling down and breaking them. This microphone stand has an extendable design up to 40"/101cm which gives you more space for angle adjusting and positioning for comfortable recording. This scissor stand can handle microphones up to 2 pounds - 1kg. Heil Sound HB-1 scissor boom arm stand supports standard 5/8” – 27 treaded microphone applications.

Heil Sound PL-2T boom arm stand comprises all of the necessary attributes of a well-designed microphone stand, and of course, we can regard this mic stand as a copy of the Rode PSA1. But the dimensions of the Heil Sound PL-2T are slightly larger than the Rode PSA1 and the PL-2T boom arm has 40" of maximum extension length. The C-clamp of Heil Sound PL-2T will fit for tabletops up to 1.5"/3.81cm (it's too small).

We recommend microphone stands by Heil Sound only if you are a fan of this brand. Too many flaws, a high prices, but at the same time, those boom arm stands have a good overall build and materials.

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Good quality steel construction
  • Overpriced
  • Thread adapters no included in both models (they have only 5/8" thread)
  • C-clamp is to small 1.5”/3.8cm maximum opening in both mic stand models
  • Some customers found it impossible to balance it with mics of 1.2lbs

30. InnoGear microphone scissor boom arm stands

InnoGear microphone scissor boom arm stands
  • Dimensions: max horizontal reach 28,3"/72cm - medium version; 32,2/82cm - large version;
  • Microphone weight: up to 3.3lbs/1.5kg - medium version; 4.0lbs/1.8kg - large version;

Meet the cheapest and best-selling microphone boom arm stand in the world! This type of microphone stand is sold under many brands all over the world (but stamped in the same Chinese factory). We have selected for you the highest quality and upgraded version of this microphone boom arm.

A few words about the quality of this type of boom arm - it is of average quality and not the best materials are used in its manufacture. In order for it to serve you for a long time, we do not recommend use this boom arm with heavy microphones weighing more than 500 grams. If you'll hang a heavy mic on this stand, it will only last you a couple of months as the springs will stretch and stop pulling your mic up.

InnoGear microphone scissor boom arm stand has upgraded heavier tension springs, upgraded c-clamp 2" / 5cm, thread adapter from 3/8" to 5/8", cable bands for cable management, and a microphone holder for handheld dynamic mics + this stand has special hole for spring tension, which will allow you to hang heavier microphones on the stand, or use increased tension when the spring tension weakens over time (a fairly simple and very good solution to the problem). InnoGear microphone scissor boom arm is available in two sizes: medium size and large size, you can see the dimensions below the picture.

Although InnoGear claims that its boom arm is capable of holding 3.3lbs / 1.5kg, we strongly recommend not loading the boom arm with this weight. And do not be surprised that this boom arm stand can come to you in a crumpled box, the manufacturer saves money on small things like a box to ensure the lowest price on the microphone stand market.

31. ZealSound flexible gooseneck desktop mic stand

ZealSound flexible gooseneck desktop microphone stand
  • Dimensions: gooseneck length 19"/48cm;
  • Microphone weight: up to 2.2lbs/1kg;

A Gooseneck microphone stand rather unusual type of microphone stand. Yes, it's not a microphone boom arm stand, but we included ZealSound gooseneck in our list as many people need fancy mic stands to solve mic positioning problems.

ZealSound gooseneck microphone stand is one of the best gooseneck mic stands and they have different size variations of gooseneck, but not everything is so clear. Gooseneck stands break down fairly quickly, the gooseneck weakens over time and stops holding your mic. If you want a gooseneck stand to serve you for a long time, we recommend you do not hang heavy microphones on them (use this stand only with light dynamic microphones near 0,7lbs / 300 grams) and do not touch the gooseneck unnecessarily (just chose a proper position and let it stay), many people have habit unconsciously to touch the stands and change their positioning during recording.

+Bonus some microphone boom arms that are not included in our main list, but also deserve your attention

In this section, we showcase some microphone stands that are very specific to use and quite unique. But they can be useful for a lot of people.

White color microphone boom arm stands

White color microphone boom arm stands

Unfortunately, white microphone boom arm stands are quite rare in the audio equipment market. In fact, it is rather unfair that well-known manufacturers do not expand their line of microphone stands with white (it could be very popular), because the white color is quite often used in interior design, and most people prefer to decorate their workplace with white color devices such as white tabletops, computer cases, white microphones, keyboards/mice, and even white monitors are available.

Well, we found some white boom arms and white mic stands for you, but unfortunately, they are all Chinese copies. Unfortunately, well-known microphone stand manufacturers never released white stands. The first stand (left in the image) is a downgraded version of the InnoGear boom arm stand that you can find at number-29 in our top 30 list, but finished in white. The second boom arm stand (in the middle of the image) is a Chinese copy of Rode PSA1 in white color. The stand on the right in the image is an ordinary floor microphone stand from the well-known manufacturer On-Stage, a rather rare stand (probably the first recognizable manufacturer who thought of releasing a white mic stand).

That's all. Either we were looking badly for white boom arms or everything is really so sad in the market for white audio equipment. If you find a good enough white microphone stand - let us know in the comment section below.

O.C White low profile and high rise microphone boom arm stands

O.C White low profile and high rise microphone boom arm stands

O.C White is a highly respected brand established in 1883. Their activities and innovative developments affect industries such as aerospace, electronics, metalworking, metrology, health care, medical devices, jewelry, broadcast, interior design, etc. All O.C White products are incredible quality masterpieces and we'll take a closer look at microphone boom arm stands from this company very soon.

In the 1950s O.C. White developed the first line of microphone stands which soon became the industry standard and still is now. Today O.C. White has two lines of mic stands: ProBoom Elite - heavy duty high rise mic boom arms and ProBoom Ultima SMS (Scalable Mic and Monitor System) - low profile mic and monitor arm stands.

Soon, detailed articles will appear on our website with a complete analysis of two lines of microphone stands from this company. But looking ahead, I will say that they are the best and have no drawbacks, especially the ProBoom Ultima line. It's an industry masterpiece but is sold at a price like a real masterpiece. Check out this incredible line of microphone and monitor stands by the link.

Some accessories for microphone boom arm stands:

There are not so many additional accessories for microphone stands, as everything you need comes out from the box with boom arms or with microphones. But still, some types of mounts and spare parts are sold separately, such as springs, threaded adapters, and cable ties.

Here are wall mounts and classic c-clamps for boom arm stands from the YOUSHARES store

wall mounts and classic c-clamps for boom arm stands

But before buying, always check the diameter of the boom arm to make sure these clamps will fit your microphone boom arm stand. Also at the link above in their store, you'll find a wall mount for boom arms and a universal c-clamp with horizontal and vertical mounting options (but it is not very reliable as it is mostly made of plastic).

Most simple and durable desktop microphone boom stand or extension riser from On-Stage

Most simple and durable desktop microphone boom stand or extension riser

An interesting multifunctional item. This On-Stage boom arm can be used as a classic desktop microphone stand or as an additional extension part. The whole structure is durable because there is nothing corny to break. We recommend buying a kit with a screw-down base, this will allow you to mount this stand to a table or wall.

On-Stage gooseneck extensions for microphone stands

On-Stage gooseneck extensions for microphone stands

A good accessory from On-Stage in case you need additional microphone positioning. You can screw this gooseneck to the microphone stand's thread and the microphone itself onto the gooseneck. Expansion goosenecks come in a variety of lengths.

FAQ about mic boom arm stands:

In this section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about microphone boom arms, touching on all aspects.

What is a suspension microphone boom arm stand? Is it worth it?

A suspension microphone boom arm stand is a type of microphone stand that is designed to support and position the microphone in the optimal recording position while reducing unwanted noise, vibrations and freeing up space on your work surface / tabletop. The boom arm is typically mounted on a c-clamp holder from the edge of your table, and the microphone is suspended on a flexible arm that can be adjusted to the desired position and can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally.

Whether a suspension microphone boom arm stand is worth it depends on various factors such as your recording needs, budget, and setup. If you're looking for a professional-level recording setup and want to minimize unwanted noise, vibrations and have nice free space management then a suspension boom arm stand can be a valuable investment. However, if you're just starting out or only recording occasionally, there are less expensive alternatives that can still produce good results.

What are the benefits and flaws of microphone boom arm stands?

Benefits of microphone suspension boom arm stands:

  • Improved Recording Quality: boom arms can help isolate the microphone from background noise, vibrations, and other external factors that can affect the sound quality of the recording.
  • Flexibility: boom arms offer a wide range of motion and are adjustable, allowing the user to position the microphone in the optimal location for recording.
  • Space-saving Design: boom arms take up minimal space on a desk or workspace, freeing up valuable real estate.
  • Easy to Use: boom arms are simple to set up and adjust, making them accessible to users of all levels.
  • Entourage: modern microphone boom arm stands look very futuristic and will add charm to your workplace, this accessory is eye-catching, and get ready for the questions "Are you a streamer? You do podcasts?"

Flaws of microphone suspension boom arm stands:

  • Cost: some boom arm stands can be more expensive compared to other types of microphone stands.
  • Durability: some suspension boom arm stands aren't as sturdy as traditional microphone stands, making them more susceptible to damage and reduction in the strength of parts mechanisms. But do not worry, most of the microphone stands from our list of best microphone boom arms have a guarantee from the manufacturer + we do not recommend overloading the microphone stand by weight, follow all the recommendations and it will last you a very long time.
  • Complexity: some suspension boom arms have complex mechanisms that require maintenance or may be difficult to adjust. Metal mechanisms and adjustable knobs wear out over time due to the grinding of metal parts, also in scissor boom arms the tension of metal springs wears out over time.

Are all mic boom arm stands universal?

In our compilation almost all boom arms are universal. But no, not all microphone boom arm stands are universal. Some boom arms are designed to work only with specific microphones or microphone brands. It is important to check the compatibility of the boom arm with your microphone before making a purchase to ensure a proper fit. Some boom arms have adjustable clamps or interchangeable parts that can accommodate a wider range of microphones, but it's always best to check the specifications to be sure.

Here are 4 ways to check microphone boom arm stand compatibility:

  1. Microphone Weight: first of all, сheck the specs to know the weight of your microphone, or weigh your microphone on a scale (don't forget the weight of optional accessories such as the shock mount and pop filter). Next, check the specifications for the maximum weight the boom arm can support. The ideal ratio for continuous microphone stand operation is to use 50% of the maximum allowable weight. For example, if the boom is able to withstand 1kg / 2.2lbs, then the ideal weight that we can hang on the boom arm stand will be about 500grams / 1,1lbs.
  2. Metal Threads: you shouldn't have any problems here either. There are three common metal thread standards that are used in boom arms and almost all microphone stands (1/4" small thread - mainly used in photo equipment such as webcams or DSLR cameras, usually tripods for cameras are equipped with such threads, but sometimes this type of thread is used in microphone stands, but very rarely. 3/8" medium thread - often found in microphone stands and boom arms, one of the threading standards for audio equipment. 5/8" big thread - most famous thread size you can find in microphone stands as well in boom arms). Our aim - is to connect the shock mount or microphone holder with the boom arm using these threads. All microphone holders and shock mounts are compatible with boom arms, as they use 3/8" and 5/8" threads (also you can find thread adapters coming with shock mounts and holders, as well this thread adapters very often come with boom arms). Сonsider a situation in which your mic stand or boom arm has a 1/4" thread that is in most cases not compatible with your shock mount or mic holder - the way out of this situation is to purchase a 1/4" to 5/8" or 3/8" thread adapter. You can easily find such adapters for sale in Amazon or large music stores as well as in photo equipment stores.
  3. C-clamp size: we highly recommend you pay close attention to this parameter. C-clamp is the type of fastener that connects the boom arm with your tabletop. To get started, measure the width of the tabletop and look at the boom arm's specifications to see if it fits your table.
  4. Dimensions of boom arms: in case you have a small table or work surface - a long stand will interfere with you or will block the monitor screen, or if you have a large table - a small stand will not fit and will not reach you with a microphone. Pay attention to the dimensions and roughly estimate the dimensions.

Do you need a shock mount or additional accessories for microphone boom arms?

A shock mount is not necessary for all microphone boom arms, but it can be a useful accessory for improving the sound quality of recordings. A shock mount helps to isolate the microphone from external vibrations and handling noise, which can affect the sound quality of the recording.

Whether or not you need a shock mount or additional accessories for your microphone boom arm depends on the specific setup and the recording conditions. If you are recording in a noisy or vibrating environment, a shock mount can help to improve the sound quality of your recordings. On the other hand, if you are recording in a relatively quiet environment, a shock mount may not be necessary.

In addition to a shock mount, other accessories that can be used with a microphone boom arm include pop filters, windscreens, and cable management systems. These accessories can help to further improve the sound quality of recordings and make the recording process more convenient and efficient.

Usually, you don't need to buy additional mic holders or shock mounts as they almost always come with the mic package. Also, you can find nice accessories for microphone boom arms in our article above.

What is the difference between cheap and premium mic arms?

The main differences between cheap and premium microphone boom arms are build quality, versatility, stability, and durability.

  • Build Quality: Premium microphone boom arms are typically made of higher-quality materials and have a more solid construction, which can result in a more stable and durable arm.
  • Versatility: Premium boom arms often offer a wider range of motion, better adjustability, and more precise positioning, making them more versatile for different recording scenarios. Also premium boom arms are able to support the weight of heavy microphones with heavy shock mounts and pop filters.
  • Stability: Cheap microphone boom arms may not stay in position as well as premium boom arms, which can result in less stable recordings and frustration during use.
  • Durability: Premium boom arms are generally more durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use better than cheap boom arms.

In general, premium microphone boom arms are more expensive but offer better quality, versatility, stability, and durability than cheap boom arms. Whether a premium or cheap boom arm is a better choice for you depends on your budget, recording needs, and the frequency of use. If you are a professional or serious hobbyist, investing in a premium boom arm may be worth the extra cost. If you only need a boom arm for occasional use or are on a tight budget, a cheap boom arm may be a more practical choice.

What are alternatives to having a microphone arm?

Telling the truth, there are no alternatives, boom arm stand will be the best choice for tabletop surfaces. But there are several alternatives, and looking ahead we'll say that they are not comfortable:

  • Classic Microphone Floor Stand: does not take up space on your desk, but will take up a lot of space around your table + positioning the microphone will not be convenient.
  • Desktop Tripod Stand or Round-base Desktop Stand: this takes up space on your work surface, recommended for use only with light hand-shaped dynamic mics, if you use heavier studio condenser mics these stands can topple them due to weight.

Ultimately, the best alternative to a boom arm depends on the specific recording scenario and the user's needs and preferences.

What is the best mic boom arm for HyperX QuadCast / SoloCast, Blue Yeti, At2020, Fifine microphones, SHURE MV7 or SHURE SM7B (most popular USB microphone models)?

All microphone boom arms from our list of top 30 best microphone boom arm stands will perfectly fit all popular USB microphone models mentioned above, especially boom arms on positions from 1 to 15 of our list. Сhoose according to your taste, color, and wallet...

How to choose the best microphone boom arm stand?

The art of choosing a microphone stand is more delicate than you could imagine. It does not matter if you are a beginner, amateur, or professional – if you are a musician, broadcaster, or podcaster you have to appreciate your personal equipment for making music as much as you appreciate the music and recording you make. Now try to imagine a ridiculous situation that happens quite often with those who do not take this piece of advice seriously: you have a condenser microphone, the best one you have ever had, which costs nearly 1000$ or even more. It is mounted on a Chinese cheap low-quality microphone stand for 20$... and then the stand falls down... "FACEPALM"... ahahaha. You must have an extremely quick reaction to catch the microphone before it kisses the floor and goes out of order. This is one of the most common situations which happens when you neglect the quality of a microphone stand and don't want to “overpay”.

If you took into consideration all described above and are willing to keep on reading this Top 30 Best Microphone Scissor Boom Arm Stands List, because you do not want anything like this to happen, if you want to create a comfortable environment for work where at least a microphone stand is not a thing to worry about, then you need to learn some fundamental information about microphone stands.

There are different types, or designs, of microphone stands which we want to introduce to you and describe in a nutshell because our rating comprises some stands which are not desktop boom arms.

Types of microphone stands:

For a more detailed picture, we will give examples of all types of microphone stands that exist on the audio equipment market. Let's take a closer look at the types of microphone stands.

Floor microphone stands

Floor microphone stands

A distinctive feature of these microphone stands is that they stand on the floor thanks to a tripod base or a heavy round base. Floor microphone stands are the most common and sold in the world, there is not a single recording studio that would not have a floor microphone stand. In turn, these microphone stands are divided into subtypes - Heavy Duty or Overhead microphone stands, Floor Tripod microphone stands with boom, Floor Straight microphone stands, Low-Profile microphone stands, Floor microphone stands with Gooseneck. Our editorial team has done a lot of market research on floor microphone stands and we have compiled for you a list of top 30 best microphone stands for home & studio.

Desktop microphone stands

Desktop microphone stands

Desktop microphone stands are often attached to the side of the table top or simply placed on the table, sometimes they can be attached to the wall using special mounts. There are several types of desktop microphone stands - Desktop Boom Arm microphone stands, Desktop Low-Profile Boom Arm microphone stands, Desktop Tripod and Round-Base microphone stand, Branded Name microphone stand (come with a microphone in package), Desktop Gooseneck microphone stands, Desktop Straight microphone arm. The most popular type is desktop mic boom arm stand and this article is mainly dominated by models of microphone stands of this type.

Now let us talk about the prices of microphone stands

Probably, the following information may be disappointing for you. Nevertheless, this is what you have to know before purchasing a mic stand.

You have probably seen absolutely different prices for microphone stands, from 20$ to 600$. Has it made you reflect on why it is so? Why is there such a huge gap, variety, and difference in prices? Here is a thing: there are good and bad microphone stands in all price categories. Some of them are designed with professionalism and love to music. Some of them, unfortunately, are produced just to make quick money. Do not let the latter fool you. Test microphone stands as much as you can or read some reviews and articles before the purchase.

Unfortunately, we don't often have an opportunity for testing a mic stand: we mean taking it home from a music store and using it for at least two weeks. No, it does not work this way. If you are acquainted with some musicians and you are in good relations with them, you can push your social and communicative talents and skills and ask them to borrow their mic stand for several days if they have one. If you have failed this step, then there is nothing left for you rather than reading customer reviews on online stores.

Fortunately, we have already done this for you. We have carefully studied different stores, manufacturers, and customer reviews to pick the best mic arm stands in the current market and point out their pros and cons so that you could see the whole picture.

So, what is the feature of a good stand that will last you for years and will keep your mounted microphone safe and sound? Let's see.

  1. Firstly, it is the quality of the springs, which will tighten the top and bottom of a stand and keep your microphone mounted without letting it fall.
  2. Secondly, it is the quality of the metal parts that form the body of a stand.
  3. Thirdly, there are fixing elements: clamps and tension adjustment knobs, the task of which is to keep a stand in a custom position set by you. Fixing to the table (in some cases to the wall), as a rule, is made in high quality and there are no problems.
  4. The design, ergonomics, and equipment of each product are important as well.
And now for the warning

On Amazon and other popular online stores, you can see a large number of microphone stands with a cost below 20$, which, of course, will attract your attention. We do not recommend to buy them as they become useless in just a couple of months and are not equipped for a weight of normal studio microphones. Usually Chinese stands are all the same for appearance and they are hiding under the brands as Etubby, Venshun, Novonest, Kasonic, Neewer, Tree New Bee, Knox Gear, LESHP, Image, Symphaudio, WINOMO. The only Chinese brand that can offer something worthy is InnoGear, Aokeo, TONOR, SUNMON. There are some websites that made their top 10 of microphone stands. After reading their articles, we came to the conclusion that they are not good at equipment, so, please, do not be fooled by this nonsense. But if you do decide to purchase cheap one, then look at positions from 20 to 30.

Also, do not forget that the pressure on the bar is not only with the weight of the microphone, but spider-holder, pop-filter, and XLR cable.

In Conclusion

We have introduced to you the microphone boom arm stands which are, in our opinion, the best ones available in the current market. After thorough research and study of a number of the most popular microphone stands including desktop, tripod, and boom arm stands, we picked the ones which correspond to the current needs of musicians, streamers, podcasters, broadcasters, videomakers, and content creators, quality requirements and affordable price. We hope that this Top 30 List of Best Microphone Suspension Boom Arm Stands was of useful for you and you found the one which meets your purposes.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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