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Top 15 Best Microphone Stands for Home & Studio Recording

September 20, 2023

Stands for the microphone are specially designed to firmly secure the microphone under a specific angle and at a desired height. The singer has free hands, which can be used for playing, for example, guitar. Moreover, without microphone stands it is impossible to voice or record a drum set or other musical equipment. And, of course, it is an indispensable device for recording vocals and instruments in the studio. But before jumping into our main list of the best microphone stands, let's take a closer look at all the types of mic stands out there.

The Types of Microphone Stands:

Based on our experience and research, we have divided microphone stands into the following subtypes. There are not so many of them, but each type of microphone stand is convenient in its own way and in a certain situation.

Heavy Duty or Overhead microphone stand

Overhead microphone stand

Heavy Duty or Overhead microphone stands are the largest and tallest of all. They are used as top microphones to record sound from above the scene of action. Overhead microphone stands in general used for recording voices in the film and television industry (helping to position the microphone outside the camera view). Also used for recording drum kits, choral and orchestral work, usually have wheels at the base.

Floor Tripod Boom microphone stand

Floor Tripod Boom microphone stand

Floor Tripod Boom microphone stands are the most common type of stand in the world and it's used in almost every recording studio. The tripod boom microphone stand is the most functional, allowing you to use it in the studio, on stage, when recording drums, picking up sound from a guitar combo amplifier, etc.

Floor Straight Tripod microphone stand 

Floor Tripod microphone stand

Floor Straight Tripod microphone stands have the simplest design for everyday use. They are easy to set up and rather lightweight. Three legs contribute much to no falling, so to say they can be “trusted” to hold expensive microphones.

Floor Straight Round Base microphone stand

Floor Round Base microphone stand

Floor Straight Round Base microphone stands takes less place than tripod microphone stands. They are suitable for on-stage performances and for some studio needs. Round base microphone stands basically don't have a boom arm. Since in the presence of a boom arm, the microphone can outweigh the stand and the whole structure will fall due to a shift in the center of gravity.

Low Profile microphone stand

Low Profile microphone stand

Low Profile microphone stands are usually used for recording bass drums and picking up sound from a guitar amp cabinet.

Gooseneck microphone stands or gooseneck extensions

Gooseneck microphone stands

Gooseneck microphone stands have become very popular as they allow you to flexibly adjust the microphone position. On the market, we can see desktop gooseneck mic stands and additional gooseneck extensions for regular floor mic stands. But we strongly don't recommend these types of microphone stands for purchase since the gooseneck very often fails and ceases to hold its shape (guess the consequences for your microphone!).

Desktop Tripod microphone stand

Desktop Tripod microphone stand

Desktop Tripod microphone stands are suitable for recording podcasts, home studios, shooting videos on YouTube, voice chats, and streaming. They take up a lot of space on the desktop and in some cases can block the view on your monitor screen.

Desktop Round Base microphone stand

Desktop Round Base microphone stand

Desktop Round Base microphone stands are the same type of desktop stand as a tripod desktop stand with the same pros and cons.

Branded Name microphone stand

Branded microphone stands

Branded Name microphone stands are mostly made for specific microphone models. Comes with microphones out of the box. Ideally, match the design of the released microphones. Finding these stands separately from the microphone is almost impossible.

Desktop Boom Arm microphone stand

Desktop boom arm microphone stand

Desktop Boom Arm microphone stands have some characteristics which distinguish them from all of the types of microphone stands described above. Let us start from the base because it is one of the most important parts of scissor microphone stands. Scissor microphone stands are equipped with a table mounting clamp. Usually, it is a C-clamp which is easy to use and which provides sturdy holding of a microphone stand. Choosing a stand with C-clamp, be sure that a manufacturer gives information about the width of a flat surface it can capture. Another optional information about table mounting clamps is padding. If you want to make sure that it will not leave scratches on your table, it must have soft padding. Some microphone scissor stands come with another type of mounting - a desk insert. The name speaks for itself.

Here are the 15 Best Microphone Stands:

Before making a list of the best 15 microphone stands, our editorial team studied many reviews on online stores from users, and we also relied on our experience with microphone stands. We hope you can pick up a microphone stand, which is perfect for your situation and your needs. If you think we forgot to mention any device – please write us about it in the comments section and we will expand our article.

We recommend all mic stands from our list for purchase, we chose them very carefully and we use some microphone stands from the list by ourselves in SoundGale studio. Mostly this list contains floor-type mic stands, in case you are looking for desktop microphone stands we have a particular article - a list of the best mic arm stands and huge research about desktop mic boom arm stands.

Our entire list will be categorized by mic stand type for your convenience, from heavy-duty mic stands to low-profile mic stands. Also, don't forget to check out the accessories section for stands, as these devices will greatly expand your possibilities in your workflows.

Best microphone stands with Boom (T-bar):

Microphone stands with boom arms (T-bar) is the most popular and widespread type of microphone stands in the world. This type of mic stand is the most versatile and is used absolutely everywhere: on stage, in a recording studio when recording vocals and instruments, broadcasting, etc. You'll not find a single studio or concert venue that does not have a microphone stand with a boom arm.

Microphone stands with the t-bar boom come with a round base or tripod base. The only drawback of this stands type is that most often they are not able to hold sufficiently heavy microphones weighing more than 2,2 lb / 1 kg as they go without a counterweight. If you have a heavy microphone, we recommend you look at heavy-duty overhead mic stands (which can be found above in our list).

1. LATCH LAKE micKing 1100 tripod boom mic stand and MK1113BK Pro Pack

LATCH LAKE micKing 1100 dimensions: Pole - 24" to 60" (61 to 152 cm) / Boom arm - 24" to 48" (61 to 122 cm)

LATCH LAKE micKing 1100 tripod boom mic stand and MK1113BK Pro Pack
LATCH LAKE micKing 1100 on the left in the picture, LATCH LAKE MK1113BK Pro Pack on the right

LATCH LAKE is a US company that manufactures microphone stands, guitar sliders, and other accessories. Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, LATCH LAKE has created a stand that combines durability, versatility, and precise positioning capabilities. Their product range is not so wide, but the quality of workmanship is top-notch. LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 and 3300 model tops our list of the best heavy-duty overhead microphone stands and now it's time for micKing 1100. The LATCH LAKE micKing 1100 is a top-of-the-line microphone stand designed for professionals and is the best tripod boom mic stand right now (and the most expensive one), so let's see why it is the best.

MicKing 1100 features a robust steel construction that ensures durability and stability, even when used with heavy or large-diaphragm microphones. The stand's black powder-coated finish not only enhances its aesthetics but also protects it from scratches and wear over time. The build quality of the micKing 1100 is truly exceptional, designed to withstand the demands of professional use. Also, this microphone stand has a 2 lb / 1kg counterweight, which distinguishes the micKing 1100 among microphone stands with the boom (T-bar). Another standout feature is that the boom clutch has 16 square inches of clampable surface area, which will allow you to fix absolutely any microphone at the angle you need without any problems.

We also want to mention the LATCH LAKE MK1113BK Pro Pack. This is the micKing 1100 with 3 additional boom arms that will help you realize the most extraordinary tasks in the studio work. In the picture below you can see the LATCH LAKE's MK1113BK Pro Pack range of applications.


In conclusion, the LATCH LAKE micKing 1100 microphone stand is a top-tier option for professionals seeking the utmost in quality, adjustability, and stability for their microphone setups. Its exceptional build quality, precise positioning capabilities, and ease of use make it a standout choice in the industry. While it may come with a higher price tag, the micKing 1100's performance and durability justify the investment for those who demand the best for their audio recordings, live performances, or broadcast applications.

2. Atlas Sound PB21XEB (PB21XCH) + Atlas Sound MS25 (MS25E) heavy base mic stands and booms

Atlas Sound MS25 (MS25E) dimensions: Pole - 38" to 67" (96,5 to 170 cm)

Atlas Sound PB21XEB (PB21XCH) dimensions: Boom arm - 25" to 38" (63 to 96,5 cm)

Atlas Sound PB21XEB (PB21XCH) + Atlas Sound MS25E (MS25)
  • Atlas Sound PB21XEB - Ebony Boom
  • Atlas Sound PB21XCH - Chrome Boom
  • Atlas Sound MS25E - Ebony Heavy Base Stand
  • Atlas Sound MS25 - Chrome Heavy Base Stand

The honorable second place takes the microphone stand from Atlas Sound. AtlasIED produces microphone stands for over 80 years and in addition to microphone stands they produce rack stands, power amplification, stage speakers, signal routing equipment, etc.

Atlas Sound MS25E is a heavy-duty microphone stand that is made of high-quality metal which provides durability for dozens of years. Atlas Sound MS25E has a maximum adjustable height of up to 67” (1.7 m). And of course, Atlas Sound MS25E will fit perfectly in pair with Atlas Sound boom arm PB21XEB, because you can easily wind this top bar to MS25E stand. This top bar extends from 25” (63 cm) to 38” (97,5 cm). So, max height of this boom arm in pair with the Atlas Sound MS25E stand is 100” (2.5 m). Also, Atlas Sound PB21XEB (PB21XCH) top bar has a 2 lb / 1 kg counterweight, which is a great feature for heavy microphones.

SoundGale CEO Comment

Stands by AtlasIED are my favorite ones, it's not so easy to find them. But when you'll adjust the microphone on the stand, you will be delighted. Yes, Atlas Sound mic stands are quite expensive - but this is the choice of professionals and it's worth it!

I recommend buying a chrome versions of the Atlas Sound microphone stands, so you can avoid problems with the paintwork, it is often erased at the junction of the fasteners.

3. K&M König & Meyer 21090-500-55 tripod boom microphone stand

K&M 21090-500-55 dimensions: Pole - 35" to 63" (89 to 160 cm) / Boom arm - 17" to 29" (43 to 73,5 cm)

K&M König & Meyer 21090-500-55 mic stand

Microphone boom stand on tripod base K&M 21090-500-55 is produced by one of the leading manufacturers of accessories and components for professional music equipment K&M (Germany). The German brand K&M has become known since it produces a large number of various accessories and stands for music equipment that can be used in the professional music industry. Accessories and stands for acoustic systems of the company K&M are quite well known and popular worldwide and available in the arsenal of the top recording studios. The popularity of this manufacturer is due to the high-quality products, durability, and easy use.

K&M 21090-500-55 microphone stand is a practical and convenient stand for use in a variety of fields, from home to professional studios, stages, orchestras, and voicing any tools. The stand has a foldable design with three sections, the length of which can vary from 35" to 63" (89 cm up to 160 cm). Boom Arm is mounted on the stand and can be removed. The height of the T-Bar boom arm can be adjusted from 17” to 29” (43 cm to 73.5 cm). depending on the requirements of musicians and performers. The housing of the K&M 21090-500-55 mic stand is made of high-quality metal alloy with aluminum, to provide durability for many years. Material of plastic parts: polycarbonate alloy with high molecular density. We recommend K&M König & Meyer 21090-500-55 tripod mic stand to professional sound engineers, professional recording studios, and large concert venues where the quality of every detail and trivia during live performances is very important.

K&M König & Meyer 21090-500-55 microphone stand is the best-selling microphone stand in the entire König & Meyer product line, as it has a fairly good height adjustment, premium quality + has a fairly affordable price (considering the fact that all König & Meyer products are quite expensive).

4. Gator Frameworks ID Series GFW-ID-MIC tripod boom mic stand

Gator Frameworks ID Series GFW-ID-MIC dimensions: Boom arm - up to 26" (66 cm)

Gator Frameworks ID Series GFW-ID-MIC tripod boom mic stand

Our editorial team has great respect for the manufacturer Gator Frameworks since we have a lot of products of this brand in our studio, and during the operation, we did not have any complaints. Gator Frameworks is a well-established manufacturer in the market of accessories for audio equipment and musicians have many patents and an excellent price/quality ratio on their products.

Arguably, Gator Frameworks ID Series GFW-ID-MIC is the most futuristic mic stand on our list of best microphone stands. The design and heavy-duty overall build are just amazing, so let's take a closer look at the features of Gator Frameworks in this mic stand. Gator Frameworks ID Series GFW-ID-MIC stand has a soft grip height adjustment twist clutch, a sleek cylindrical design of boom arm neatly folds for compact storage, cable management, secure tripod base. Unfortunately, we could not find the exact dimensions of this microphone stand, but we are sure that they fit into all standards.

5. Hercules MS533B tripod boom microphone stand

Hercules MS533B dimensions: Pole - 42" to 94.5" (110 to 240 cm) / Boom arm - 31" (78 cm)

Hercules MS533B floor tripod boom microphone stand

Hercules MS533B is a premium quality microphone boom stand with a tripod-type base from Hercules company. Hercules is exclusively engaged in the production of stands for all musical instruments and studio audio equipment, the quality of the company's products is on a level with the German manufacturer K&M (Koenig & Mayer) which is known for its unmatched quality. Hercules MS533B has fasteners with a logo that looks very nice on a stand housing. In our list, it is one of the highest stands as it has an adjustable height of 42" - 94.5" (1.1 m – 2.4 m), unfortunately, the boom arm is not telescoping and a very high adjustment justifies this design, the boom arm has a height of 30.7" (780mm). We recommend Hercules MS533B exclusively to professionals. The stand will fit people with a fat wallet who want to get super high quality and beautiful stands.

6. Hola! weighted base microphone stand with boom t-bar

Hola! mic stand dimensions: Pole - 40" to 63" (101 to 163 cm) / Boom arm - up to 27" (68.5 cm)

Hola! weighted base microphone stand

Hola! brand is quite a fresh player in the audio equipment market. They mainly sell acoustic guitars and ukuleles, but they have quite a few accessories for audio equipment in their arsenal, such as microphone stands, speaker stands, and guitar stands (a wide variety). As for the mic stands from Hola! they are quite high quality and are presented in several types (weighted base, tripod base, low profile).

Weighted base Hola! mic stand has an excellent price/quality ratio and a good overall build with an ergonomic height clutch. The main stand has a height adjustment from 40" (101cm) to 63" (163cm). The T-bar boom arm extends from 4" (10cm) to 27" (68.5cm). The diameter of the weighted round base is 10" (25cm), weight 5 lbs (2.2kg).

In general, we are sure that this microphone stand is from China, but the model turned out to be quite successful, as evidenced by a large number of positive reviews on Amazon. Hola! mic stand definitely deserves its place on our list of the best microphone stands.

7. Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 tripod boom mic stand

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 dimensions: Pole - 40" to 68" (101 to 173 cm) / Boom arm - 19,5" to 34,5" (48 to 86 cm)

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200

The stands from Ultimate Support get in the list because of its excellent ratio price/quality, particularly Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200. Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 stand is made of quality materials and has durable metal die-casting housing. The stand height without the top bar adjusts from 40" (101cm) to 68" (173cm). The telescoping boom arm has an adjustable height from 19.5" (48cm) to 34.5" (86cm). So, the maximum height of this stand is 98" (250cm). Also, there are available several variations of this model: straight with a tripod base, with a telescoping boom, with fixed boom length, low profile with a telescoping boom, and low profile with fixed boom length. So, you are 100% able to select the option ideal for your situation. One of these options you can configure on the Amazon store by clicking on the link below.

8. On-Stage Stands MS7701B tripod boom mic stand

On-Stage MS7701B dimensions: Pole - 32" to 61.5" (81 to 155 cm) / Boom arm - up to 30" (76 cm)

On-Stage MS7701B is another stand from the company On-Stage on our list of best mic stands. Compared to Samson MK-10, the stand On-Stage MS7701B is made of slightly better materials and has a higher maximum height (32"/81cm – 61.5"/1.5 m without a top bar, and the max height is 90"/2.2 m with top bar). But unfortunately, On-Stage MS7701B is a few dollars more expensive than Samson MK-10. Also, On-Stage MS7701B is available in two color variants: black, and chrome. It has the status “BEST SELLER” on the Amazon store with outstanding ratings and positive feedback.

9. CAHAYA tripod boom mic stand

CAHAYA mic stand dimensions: Pole - 25.2" to 62.2" (64 to 158 cm) / Boom arm - 17" to 30" (43 to 76 cm)

AHAYA tripod boom mic stand

CAHAYA is quite a new brand in the audio equipment accessories market. Yes, their equipment is made in China, but it has quite good quality + reasonable prices. We decided to include the CAHAYA mic stand in our list of the best mic stands because the stand is quite good quality, has one of the best price/quality ratios on the market, is very low price, and has a great package that includes a carrying bag, two microphone holders (holder for handheld mics and holder for some studio condenser microphones), and cable holders as well.

CAHAYA tripod base has a height from 25.2" / 64cm to 62.2" / 158cm. The telescopic & removable t-bar boom extends within 17"- 30" (43cm -76cm). You can easily remove the t-bar and use the tripod base as a simple straight mic stand. We've ordered this microphone stand for our SoundGale studio and we want to note that all the positive reviews are justified, as for its price there are simply no better package bundles on the mic stand market.

10. Samson MK-10 and World Tour MS7 tripod boom microphone stands

Samson MK-10 is on the left in the picture, and World Tour MS7 is on the right

Samson MK-10 is one of the most popular stands in the world from a well-known manufacturer of microphones Samson Technologies. Samson MK-10 has a tripod type of base and is made of light metal allowing you to easily transport the stand, all the components and details of very high quality. The stand is telescoping and the min-height is 26” (66cm) and the max height with the top bar is 70” (1.8 m). There is also a clip holder for handheld microphones in the package and there is a cable clip on the stand. This stand is very cheap, about the same price as On Stage MS7700B, making Samson MK-10 the cheapest stand in the section of microphone boom stands. As we have no doubt about the quality of this product, this stand will last you a very long time.

You can read a very large amount of positive feedback on the Amazon store. Perhaps, this is the most practical option for studio and live recording. If you want the stand to be higher and of the same quality type and price - then you need World Tour MS7. Its maximum length without a top bar is 63” (1.5 m) and with a top bar to 90” (2.3 m). The price for World Tour MS7 is the same as on Samson MK-10. Links on these stands we left above.

We put these two mic stands in the same position on our list of the best microphone stands as they are fairly similar in quality and in the same price range. But if you choose between these two microphone stands, our pick will be Samson MK-10 (Samson is a more reliable manufacturer).

Best classic straight microphone stands with Round Base and Tripod Base (without boom arm / top bar):

Classic straight floor microphone stands do not have a boom top bar and most often come with a tripod base or round base. The great thing about these stands is that they are easy to transport and can hold heavy microphones. Also used for studio work and on stage. On some models, you can attach a boom arm or other accessories. We strongly recommend you first familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the microphone stands, as they may not fit your height and the microphone will be located in an uncomfortable position.

1. LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 and 3300 straight microphone stands

LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 straight dimensions: Pole - 48" to 72" (122 to 183 cm)

LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 straight dimensions: Pole - 48" to 108" (122 to 274 cm)

LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 and 3300 straight microphone stands
LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 on the left in the picture, LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 on the right

There is nothing more to say here - since this is LUTCH LAKE! All mic stands from this company have appeared in the top positions of our list of best microphone stands, and these two models of straight mic stands are no exception.

A distinctive feature of LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 and 3300 straight microphone stands in a heavy iron base of 29 lbs / 13 kg and 16" inches / 40 cm in diameter + wheels for comfortable transporting. Also available in chrome and black.

2. König & Meyer K&M 26010-500-55 straight round base mic stands

K&M 26010-500-55 dimensions: Pole - 34"- 62" (86 to 157 cm)

König & Meyer K&M 26010-500-55 straight round base mic stands
  • K&M 26010-500-55 - black
  • K&M 26010-500-76 - white
  • K&M 26010-500-87 - grey

Classic straight microphone stands with a round base from the well-known German manufacturer König & Meyer. The K&M mic stands line range is available in three colors: black, white, and grey. All mic stands have the same height adjustment and round base. K&M 26010-500-** line is the best-seller and we highly recommend these mic stands for purchase, but they are pretty expensive. And as always König & Meyer provides a 5-year warranty and 10 years on replacement parts.

3. Atlas Sound MS-10C (MS-10CE) round base microphone stands

Atlas Sound MS-10C (MS-10CE) dimensions: Pole - 35" to 63" (89 to 160 cm)

Atlas Sound MS-10C (MS-10CE)
  • Atlas Sound MS-10C - Chrome
  • Atlas Sound MS-10CE - Ebony

Atlas Sound MS-10C is a straight stand with a round base from Atlas Sound Company. The stand is made of high-quality materials, so we included it in our list of best microphone stands. Compared with On Stage MS7201B, Atlas Sound MS-10C has a thicker housing and a nice polished glossy color. The diameter of the base is 10” (25cm), and the stand has a height adjustment from 35" (89cm) to 63" (160cm). Atlas Sound MS-10C is two times more expensive than On Stage MS7201B. We can recommend Atlas Sound MS-10C to professionals as it is a little better than On Stage MS7201B, or to those who do not mind an additional $ 25. The stand is available in two colors: black and chrome.

Also, Atlas Sound has other straight mic stands in their product line - Atlas Sound MS-12C and MS-12CE, but in fact, they are the same as Atlas Sound MS-10C (they have the same height adjustment and also a round base).

4. On-Stage MS7201B round base mic stand

On-Stage MS7201B dimensions: Pole - 34" to 60" (86 to 152 cm)

On Stage MS7201B

As you can see, On-Stage took our list of best microphone stands, as they are the leading company in producing microphone stands with 36 years of experience. On-Stage MS7201B is a classic flat-type microphone stand with a heavy round base which is great for stage performance, as this type of stand will not interfere with the movements on stage and you will not touch the front foot. On-Stage MS7201B is 34” - 60” (86cm - 152cm) in height and is available in color schemes: black, white, and chrome. The base diameter is 9” (22cm) and has rubber padding for the reduction of mechanical impacts or any vibrations.

5. Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2100 Deluxe Tripod microphone stand

Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2100 dimensions: Pole Height - 37" to 67" (94 to 170 cm)

Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2100 Deluxe Tripod microphone stand

Gator Frameworks is a fairly well-known manufacturer of accessories for audio equipment and musicians, and has a gigantic product line for everything you need - from guitar cables to DJ accessories. Products from Gator Frameworks appear quite often on our lists and we love this brand as their products are great value for money.

So, Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2100 tripod microphone stand is not an exception, this is the second stand on our list of best mic stands from this manufacturer and it deserves to be here. The distinctive feature of this microphone stand is that it has a one-handed clutch for height adjustment, quite a convenient solution for adjusting the height. All other parts of the mic stand are made of sufficient quality, we recommend taking a closer look at Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-2100.

6. On-Stage MS7700B tripod microphone stand

On-Stage MS7700B dimensions: Pole Height - 32" to 61.5" (81 to 155 cm)

Our list of best classic straight mic stands closes with a tripod-type base stand from the company On-Stage. Even though this stand is primitive in design, On Stage MS7700B has many interesting design features. The stand height is adjustable from 32" (81cm) to 61.5" ft. (1.5 m). The threaded upper shaft is 5/8’ which is suitable for every standard microphone holder, and shock mount. This On-Stage stand has folding legs and every leg has rubber tips to improve adhesion with the floor. As a nice addition, this stand has a holder for a cable. And of course, the best part of On-Stage MS7700B is its price, this is probably the cheapest straight microphone stand type in our list.

Best Gooseneck microphone stands and gooseneck extensions

To be honest, we don't recommend gooseneck mic stands, as they are not very reliable, can't support the weight of heavy mics, and wear out very quickly (goosenecks weaken and lose their shape over time). But the gooseneck is still a good option, as it allows you to adjust the position of the microphone in a more convenient way. In our experience, for a gooseneck to serve you for a long time, we recommend using it with lightweight handheld microphones. The gooseneck extension is sold separately (mounts to a mic stand with a threaded connection) and is often found together with a mic stand kit, by the way, gooseneck desktop mic stands are becoming popular too.

1. Kangziliang straight microphone stand with gooseneck extension

Kangziliang mic stand dimensions: Pole with Gooseneck - 36'' to 72'' (91,4 to 183 cm) / Gooseneck - 16" (40,6 cm)

Kangziliang mic stand with gooseneck

Kangziliang is a common Chinese straight microphone stand, but its distinctive feature is the gooseneck. The only downside is that you can't unscrew the gooseneck and use this mic stand like a normal straight mic stand. But the price of this microphone stand is very attractive, it also has a large number of positive reviews. If you're not going to use a heavy mic with this stand - it's a great choice.

2. ZealSound desktop gooseneck mic stands

ZealSound desktop gooseneck mic stands

ZealSound is also a Chinese brand, but they have a very large line of gooseneck desktop mic stands. A distinctive feature of their gooseneck stands is that they are of higher quality compared to other manufacturers and have a large number of positive reviews + a fairly affordable price. We also do not recommend using these desktop mic stands with heavy mics as the gooseneck under load will not last long.

3. Gooseneck extensions for microphone stands

Gooseneck extensions for microphone stands

The gooseneck extensions can be thought of as an accessory for microphone stands. You can screw them to any mic stand and mic holder via a threaded connection. Before buying, check the diameter of your thread on the microphone stand (usually the diameters are 3/8" or 5/8"), in case the thread diameters do not match, you can purchase a 3/8 to 5/8 thread adapter or vice versa. Оften gooseneck extensions can be found 6" / 13" / 19" long.

Among all the gooseneck extensions on the market, we would like to highlight extensions from Gator Frameworks and HONESTY brand, as they are the only ones of sufficient quality, but again, as a reminder, you should not use gooseneck extensions with heavy microphones (under load, they can become unusable after a short time).

How to Pick the Best Microphone Stand?

When choosing the best microphone stand, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to look out for:

Intended Use and Stand's Type. The most important thing before buying is - to decide and know exactly for what tasks you need a microphone stand. There are not so many types of microphone stands and you can find them at the very beginning of our article. It is worth noting that the most versatile type of microphone stands at the moment is the classic tripod base mic stand with boom t-bar (since this type of microphone stand can be used both on stage and in the studio for recording vocals or all types of musical instruments, as well as for streaming, podcasts and home use).

Again, we strongly recommend you to look at the types of microphone stands that we described at the beginning of our article before buying. This will help you make better choices.

Budget. As for microphone stands in this situation, it does not work: “the more expensive the better”, as all manufacturers have learned to produce a quality product, and you will easily be able to buy a microphone stand, which is worth several tens of dollars and it will serve you for a very long time - at least 7 years. Here plays a slightly different rule if you are going to purchase a stand for a dynamic microphone in handheld format or you are going to buy a stand under a studio condenser microphone (up to 1kg), then you will only need a very simple stand in the price range of 15$ to 30$. If you have an exclusive, expensive, and premium studio microphone (for example, a Neumann mic), then you should get the premium stand (you will find these in the first three positions on our list), and unfortunately, you will have to pay about hundred dollars for this accessory. As stands of the professional segment can withstand very heavy microphones and not sink under their weight, providing good durability, while stands of low price categories will successfully cope with light microphones weighing up to 1kg. Therefore, to buy the stand you will only need 20 – 30$.

Stability. One of the most important aspects of a microphone stand is its stability. You want a stand that can securely hold your microphone without wobbling or tipping over. Look for stands made of sturdy materials like metal, with a solid base or tripod legs for added stability. If you have a heavy microphone weighing more than 1.7lbs / 800 grams, we recommend you take a closer look at the mic stands with a counterweight on the t-bar. With a counterweight, your microphone will be fixed more in a more stable way. In our list, we did not include bad microphone stands that could topple your microphone, and to be honest, the design of microphone stands is quite primitive and you should not have any problems during exploitation.

Adjustability. Consider the height and angle adjustability of the stand. This allows you to position the microphone at the desired height and angle for your specific needs. Look for stands with adjustable boom arms or telescopic shafts to accommodate different setups and preferences. For example, low-profile microphone stands are not too high and will be most convenient for recording drums or for recording some musical instruments or guitar cabinets.

Portability. If you require a microphone stand for on-the-go use or frequent transportation, consider its portability. Look for lightweight and collapsible stands that are easy to assemble and disassemble. Additionally, check if the stand comes with a carrying bag or case for convenient transportation.

Durability. A microphone stand should be durable and built to withstand regular use. Pay attention to the quality of materials used in construction, such as metal or high-grade plastic. Read customer reviews or seek recommendations to ensure the stand is reliable and long-lasting. As always, we have included only the highest-quality microphone stands in our main list.

Cable Management. Some microphone stands include cable management features, such as clips or Velcro straps, to keep your microphone cable organized and prevent tangling. This can be a convenient feature to have, especially if you move the stand frequently or require a clean setup. In fact, you can buy cable management mounts separately, they are quite easy to find in any online marketplace.

Accessories. Do not forget that for attaching a microphone to the stand you will need additional accessories such as a microphone clip mount for handheld microphones, and a shock mount microphone holder for studio microphones. Typically, mounts and holders are already supplied with your microphone. Also, you may need a pop filter if you buy a microphone stand for a studio – in this case, we have an article about the 15 Best Pop Filters on the market. Also, there are so many useful accessories that will be very useful for your microphone – you can read about them at the end of our article.

Currently, selecting the correct type of microphone stand is limited only by the situation in which you want to apply this accessory and your budget. However, whether a simple table ones or design models of exclusive construction – all they need to effectively deal with its main task, which is to secure the equipment and to damp vibrations.

In Conclusion

Summing up our list of the best microphone stands, we want to highlight the On-Stage company as the majority of stands of all types appearing in our list are from On-Stage since 36 years of production of microphone stands have much sense.

In general, having studied the market of microphone stands, we came to the conclusion that there are not so many companies producing mic stands, but they fully satisfy the demand and all the needs of artists. If you are looking for premium solutions then Atlas Sound, K&M König & Meyer is your choice. We also want to note the LATCH LAKE brand, today they produce the most thoughtful and high-quality microphone stands in the world - but the price for their quality is appropriate.

Our editorial team hopes you liked our list of the best microphone stands. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section, and we'll be happy to answer all of them.

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