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Arturia MiniFreak Stellar Review - Special Edition Synthesizer

June 22, 2024

Today we have a short review of Arturia MiniFreak Stellar - a special edition synthesizer. French company Arturia announced the Stellar version not so long ago, at the end of spring 2024 and at the moment MiniFreak Stellar is available for purchase. We can't say how limited edition and how many units were released, but we think the story will be like its little brother MicroFreak Stellar, which is quite hard to find at the moment.

Unfortunately, we won't go through all the features and specifications of the Arturia MiniFreak Stellar in detail, we'll just see how it differs from the classic version of the MiniFreak. We want to point out that both synthesizers are technically identical. And if you want to read a detailed review and see what MiniFreak is capable of, we have a full review of the classic version of this synthesizer.

MiniFreak Stellar vs Classic MiniFreak

Let's list all the differences between the Stellar version of the MiniFreak synthesizer and the classic version. We want to say right away that there are very few differences, and they are mostly cosmetic. Technically, both synthesizers are same.

Arturia MiniFreak Stellar vs classic Arturia MiniFreak
  • Design: The Stellar version features unique graphics and a limited-edition color scheme, setting it apart visually from the classic MiniFreak.
  • Black Keys: We have to say right away that the black keys are a bit uncomfortable, you have to get used to them while playing. However, stylistically they fit perfectly into the Stellar concept.
  • Sound Engine: Both versions feature a hybrid synthesis engine, but the Stellar version includes additional oscillator mode - "Wavetable".
  • Presets: Along with the release of the MiniFreak Stellar version, Arturia has released a free themed "Stellar Infinity sound bank" which includes 64 Sci-Fi/Cinematic presets. Stellar Infinity offers a range of synths, leads, sequences and SFX, from hypnotic layers to intergalactic drones. You can also use this free sound bank with the classic Arturia MiniFreak.

If you like all the features of Arturia MiniFreak Stellar - hurry up and buy it, because it is now the same price as the classic MiniFreak. We don't know for sure if this is a limited edition or how long it will be on sale, but we're sure it will be the same story as the Arturia MicroFreak Stellar, which is pretty hard to find at the moment.

Best Price on Arturia MiniFreak Stellar Synthesizer

The MiniFreak Stellar stands out with its sleek, modern design and limited-edition aesthetic. The synthesizer features unique graphics and a special color scheme that set it apart from the classic version.

Arturia MiniFreak Stellar package Classic Package

Final Verdict on Arturia MiniFreak Stellar

The Arturia MiniFreak Stellar synthesizer is a powerful and versatile instrument that offers significant features with its expanded sound engine, advanced effects, and modulation matrix. While it comes at a higher price point and may have a learning curve for beginners, the MiniFreak Stellar delivers exceptional performance and sound quality, making it a valuable addition to any synthesizer collection. Whether used in the studio or on stage, the MiniFreak Stellar is sure to inspire and elevate musical creativity.

Our editorial team thinks that Arturia has come up with a great device that complements their line of synthesizers and provides a good choice - "Classic Skin or Stellar Skin". We hope this is not the last device in Stellar color. We hope you enjoyed our short Arturia MiniFreak Stellar review. Feel free to leave your feedback, questions and suggestions in the section below, we'll be happy to answer them all!

  • Good Price/Quality Ratio.
  • Exclusive design - black housing, black keys and space-cosmic-themed prints.
  • n everything else it has all the pros of the classic Arturia MiniFreak version.
  • Limited Edition - it's going to be very hard to buy this synth in the near future.
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