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Arturia MicroFreak Stellar Review - Limited Edition Synth

June 18, 2024

Today we have a short review on the Arturia MicroFreak Stellar, in which we take a look at how this limited edition differs from the classic MicroFreak version. Unfortunately, we will not review this device in detail as technically it is identical to the classic MicroFreak, which we already have a great review available at the link.

During Superbooth 2023 it was announced that Arturia will release a limited edition of the MicroFreak Stellar synthesizer. At the same time, Arturia also announced the release of the fifth version of the instrument's firmware, which includes many new features. The new firmware is already available for all versions of the MicroFreak synthesizer. Unfortunately, the Stellar version is already hard to find in major online stores. But let's continue our Arturia MicroFreak Stellar review and see how this limited edition differs from the classic version of the synthesizer.

Arturia MicroFreak pic 1

The updated version of the device features a sleek black finish, black keys, and a set of unique space-themed designs, but it's worth noting that the hardware of the device hasn't changed. That's all the difference, just cosmetic! Is it worth going after this limited edition? - Yes, only if you like the design of this device.

Let's talk a little bit about the V5 firmware. Major changes include sample import and playback support, three granular sound synthesis algorithms, new envelopes, 300 new presets, and the ability to switch the keyboard to a Sample & Hold inspired modulation source.

After upgrading to v5, users will be able to import their own samples. It should be noted that the maximum duration of downloadable sounds is 24 seconds (WAV, 16-bit, 32kHz, mono) and the maximum time of all samples is limited to two minutes. The synthesizer also gets three new granular synthesis engines - Scan, Cloud and Hit.

The changes will also affect the keyboard operation. For example, using the Preset Utility, users can turn the keyboard into a modulation source in Sample & Hold style - each time a key is pressed, the synthesizer will generate a random modulation value.

Arturia MicroFreak pic 2

Finally, the synthesizer will get new Snappy envelopes, available through the same Preset Utility. The envelopes will open up access to even shorter attack values, perfect for percussion sounds. The new firmware will also bring over 300 new presets. It is noted that the number of slots will be expanded to 512 pieces.

The V5 firmware will be available for free download from May 30, 2023 via the MIDI Control Center to all users of any version of MicroFreak hardware. The Stellar version sold for around $350 at launch (as we mentioned, the Stellar version is hard to find at the moment). Get more information at Arturia's official website.

  • Good Price/Quality Ratio.
  • Exclusive design - black housing, black keys and space-themed prints.
  • In everything else it has all the pros of the classic Arturia MicroFreak version.
  • Limited Edition - not easy to find at major online stores at the moment.
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