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Shure SM58-50A 50th Anniversary Edition Microphone Review

March 16, 2023

This year Shure has released another model of microphone, that appeal to the nostalgic feelings of its users but along with this provides a quality vocal microphone that will serve them until its next anniversary. Today we are talking about the Shure SM58-50A, anniversary version of classic microphone SM58. We have already done a review on Shure SM58 microphone model, and technically there is no reason to repeat our review because the specifications & features of these two models are identical. So let’s start our Shure SM58-50A review with the history part of this model.

Shure SM58-50A 50th Anniversary Edition

Unfortunately at the moment it is very difficult to find exactly Shure SM58-50A 50th Anniversary Edition Microphone, as they were produced in a limited edition so we leave a link to the original Shure SM58 microphone below.

Shure SM58-50A Package Shure SM58-50A Package

History of Shure SM58 microphone model

Studio microphones in the 1950s and 1960s were attractive things for every vocalist, but they were obviously very fragile. So Shure Engineer Ernie Seeler and his team created the perfect vocal microphone which solved the problems with the durability of the work in the studio and problems with design. The spherical mesh grille of SM58 reduced wind noise, breath, and explosive sharp sounds, making this microphone better for vocals than his brother SM57. But the internal structure of SM58 and SM57 is very similar.

The fate of SM58 as the icon of live performances, was not predetermined in advance, as its original purpose was for studio work. The Shure SM58 microphone is a direct descendant of the Shure 565SD, which was the first microphone with a ball-shaped Unisphere grill, which became a standard mic grill for live performance. In 1969, during the time of Woodstock Festival, Shure 565SD turned in a main microphone for live performances.

Moreover, the singer’s performance style began to evolve, thanks to this microphone. Before of development of a portable hand-held microphone, singers were standing behind the microphone stand. Portable microphone Shure 565 gave to all singers a freedom in the stage movements, but it also brought new troubles in the sound feedback from the handling noise, mechanical noise & vibrations.

Shure SM58 contained a cardioid polar pattern, high protection against unwanted feedback, and innovative pneumatic shock-mount system technology, which reduced handling noise and vibrations. These features greatly eliminated the existing problems, allowing the singers to concentrate only on work with the audience. Also, adapted frequency response and ergonomic design of Shure SM58 uplifted the vocalist’s voice to a new level. So Shure SM58 is an iconic vocal microphone until today.

Next in our Shure SM58-50A review, let's take a closer look at the design of this microphone model.

Shure SM58-50A Design

Almost everyone who lives in First and Second World countries has seen and knows that basic design. Elegant handle without any knobs and a round steel grille on the top. Pure classic. The difference between Shure SM58 and Shure SM58-50A takes part only in external design. The anniversary edition has a silver matte case and there are no versions with cables and built-in On/Off switch. Want to turn off your classic? Pull out XLR cable, knobs are for liberals!

Let’s talk a bit about the metal grille. Everyone knows that this thing will make the microphone more durable and we can confirm this point of view. This kind of microphone is almost impossible to break if you drop it accidentally. Zippered pouch which is supplied will also help you to transport this guy without any problems. Even the stand adapter must be break-resistant so you can be sure that these guys will stand all your tough repetitions and concerts.

As for the stand adapter, it will help you to fasten your mic almost to every mic stand and boom arm in the world.

The anniversary package bundle includes Shure SM58-50A microphone, commemorative certificate, photo & bumper sticker, mic clip for stands, and a zipped pouch.

And do not forget about the stylish anniversary sign on the handle.

Sound Quality

As for this part of the Shure SM58-50A review, it is almost needless because the quality of the performance of this mic is identical to classical SM58. Good frequency response, which is tailored to vocals. Cardioid polar pattern and pneumatic shock mount system will almost completely reduce unwanted sounds. If you want to read a bit more about performance of this mic, read our SM58 review here and check recorded audio examples.

Three Reasons to Buy

  1. The first and main reason to buy Shure SM58-50A is the limited series. It will be a “pearl” of your studio or microphone collection. We can’t say exactly how many units were produced, but we are sure that the price of the limited editions is increased every year (as in the case with Shure 5575LE, the first-year price was $399 – now it’s $650+). So do not miss the opportunity to buy it. In addition, there is a chance even to sell it more expensive.
  2. Design & Durability. The combination of grey housing and silver metal grille looks amazing as its 50th-anniversary edition mic. This model is very resistant to damage as classic SM58, it will serve you a very long time.
  3. Price / Quality. Microphone copes with all tasks, especially live vocals, speech, podcasts, and karaoke. Due to this fact, the microphone is popular worldwide and you can meet it in almost every club, restaurant or pub, concert halls, festivals, rehearsal base, etc.

Final Verdict on Shure SM58-50A

If Shure SM58 is a microphone for lovers of classics, this thing is for people who consider previously mentioned ones as posers. But let’s not only invoke your nostalgia. This microphone is just good as it is even without rich history. We highly recommend it to every person that basically loves to sing. No matter what. ~110 Bucks is not a high price for the pure joy. We hope you enjoyed our Shure SM58-50A review, feel free to leave any questions in the comments section and we will be happy to answer them for you.

  • The Shure SM58-50A 50th Anniversary Edition Microphone has all the technical advantages of the classic Shure SM58, as the microphones are identical and differ only in design
  • Limited edition and beautiful case design
  • At the moment it's hard enough to find this model of microphone, mostly found from resellers
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