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Best Low-Profile Microphone Stands | Top 10 List (for all budgets)

December 19, 2023

Today's article will focus exclusively on low-profile microphone stands. Our editorial team conducted thorough market research and selected the 10 best low-profile microphone stands. There are actually not as many of them as classic floor mic stands, but we still managed to find 10 of the best ones. Let's take a closer look at their characteristics, features, and applications.

Low-profile microphone stands are used for recording drum kits, musical instruments, guitar cabinets, amps, etc. Yes, straight classic microphone stands with boom top bar are also perfect for these needs, but low-profile stands take up less space and are more convenient for these purposes. A lot of low-profile mic stands have a lousy design of the base which causes the microphone to tip over and they can't support the weight of the microphone in a certain position, these poorly designed low-profile mic stands are not included in our list, only the best ones.

Some Facts about Low-Profile Mic Stands

Low-profile mic stands often come with a tripod base or a heavy base. A tripod base is more secure as it won't tip your mic over (if you put the boom arm bar parallel to one of the tripod legs), while not all heavy base low-profile stands will hold your mic position well (we didn't include in our list mic stands with an ill-conceived base). All heavy base mic stands have only one benefit - they take up less floor space.

In fact, the design of low-profile mic stands is too primitive (think of it as a regular shortened classic floor mic stand with T-Bat). When choosing them you will not encounter any nuances or pitfalls, you should be guided only by your budget and pay attention to the size of low-profile mic stands (we have specified all sizes of mic stands in our list, choose the most suitable for your range of tasks).

Although the range of application of low-profile microphone stands is quite narrow. As we have already mentioned, most people buy them for recording a drum kit or recording sound from a guitar amp or cabinet. But after reading a lot of reviews from buyers of low-profile mic stands, we noticed that many people buy them as a desktop mic stand. We don't really recommend using them as a desktop microphone stand, there are a huge variety of desktop stands for this purpose, which take up less space on the table and are more convenient to use.

For general information, we will list all types of microphone stands that currently exist on the market:

  • Classic Floor Microphone Stands - The most common, best-selling, and versatile stands on the market. There is no professional, amateur, or home recording studio that does not have a classic microphone stand. We have a great article to help you discover all types of classic microphone stands.
  • Heavy Duty Microphone Stands - or as they are called overhead microphone stands, are used to record drum kits, large musical instruments such as organ or grand piano, orchestra, or choir, to record reverberation in studios with large rooms. They are also often used in the film and TV industry. Their distinctive feature is the large size and length of telescopic boom arms. We have a separate review of the 10 best heavy-duty overhead microphone stands, which you can read by following the link.
  • Low-Profile Microphone Stands - we are talking about this type of microphone stand in this article, basically you can consider them as a shortened version of the classic microphone stand.
  • Desktop Microphone Stands - are also the most common stands and the most sold in large quantities. USB and tabletop microphones have become an integral part of our lives and with them, Desktop microphone stands, as we live in the era of digital technology, video calling, and online conferencing. Desktop microphone stands are probably the biggest variations from the usual straight stands to boom arms with LED lighting. This type of mic stand is often used by streamers, podcasters, broadcasters, and regular voiceover users, in general, used for convenient positioning of the microphone on the tabletop. We also have a separate article dedicated to desktop microphone stands.

Here are the 10 Best Low-Profile Microphone Stands:

Before compiling our list of the 10 best low-profile microphone stands, we did a lot of market research and studied all the user reviews & nuances. As a result, we've selected a squeeze of the best products for you (to be honest, there aren't many low-profile microphone stand models on the market). Moreover, this list includes stands of all price categories from the most expensive and premium to the budget ones. You will have no problem finding the right LP mic stand for your budget.

The list comes in order from most expensive and super high quality (starting from 1st place) to budget options. Low-quality products are not included in our list, so we can safely recommend any of the options below.

1. TAMA MS756LBK low-profile telescoping boom mic stand

TAMA MS756LBK dimensions: Pole - 17,3" to 23,6" (44 to 60 cm) / Boom arm - 19,7" to 33,4" (50 to 85 cm)

TAMA MS756LBK low-profile telescoping boom mic stand

TAMA is a well-known brand in the drum kits world. And surprisingly they have mic stands in their product line and of course, low-profile stands are no exception as they are often used for recording drums.

The TAMA MS756LBK is by far the best low-profile microphone stand on the market as it has excellent build quality and you don't have to worry about your microphone. You can hang a heavy microphone on this stand and it will hold it thanks to the counterweight and vice-grip boom tilter. Rubberized feet of the TAMA MS756LBK mic stand will protect against all vibrations, a good and thoughtful option, since when recording drums and especially bass drums, vibrations can interfere with the recording process.

2. Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0822 weighted base short microphone stand

Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0822 dimensions: Boom arm - up to 27" (68,5 cm)

Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0822 weighted base short microphone stand

The Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0822 is a great low-profile weighted base microphone stand. Mic Stands from Gator Frameworks are well established on our list as their products are very well thought out and they pay a lot of attention to every little detail.

Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0822 low-profile mic stand also has 2.5 lbs / 1kg counterweight as TAMA MS756LBK mic stand. The heavy base will also prevent your microphone from falling off. At the moment Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0822 has the best value for money and our editorial team recommends this microphone stand for purchase, you will not regret it.

3. Konig & Meyer K&M 25950-500-55 very low microphone stand

K&M 25950-500-55 dimensions: Pole - 11" (28 cm) / Boom arm - 16,7" to 28,5" (42,4 to 72,4 cm)

Konig & Meyer K&M 25950-500-55 very low microphone stand

Konig & Meyer K&M is a well-known German brand in the world of audio equipment. Their products are of high quality and when it comes to microphone stands they use premium materials, and the K&M 25950-500-55 low profile microphone stand is no exception. The only drawback of this low mic stand is the price, but it is justified by the quality and manufacturing approach.

4. On-Stage MS7411TB low-profile mic stand

On-Stage MS7411TB dimensions: Pole - 17" to 27" (43 to 68,5 cm) / Boom arm - 20" to 36" (50 to 91 cm)

On-Stage MS7411TB low-profile mic stand

The On-Stage MS7411TB is a reasonably good low-profile mic stand and deserves to be on our list of the best low-profile mic stands. On-Stage makes accessories for audio equipment in the middle price range and for the price, you get very good quality products and that's why the On-Stage MS7411TB appeared in our list.

The On-Stage MS7411TB is a classic low-profile mic stand with a telescopic boom arm, pole height adjust option, steel counterweight, and tripod base. All fasteners are made of sufficient quality and in addition, there are holders for cable management. With the On-Stage MS7411TB stand you don't have to worry about your microphone, but we still don't recommend hanging microphones weighing more than 2.5 lbs / 1kg on this low-profile stand.

5. Ultimate Support JS-MCTB50 low-profile microphone stand

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB50 dimensions: Pole - 16" to 23" (40,6 to 58,4 cm) / Boom arm - 16.5" to 29" (42 to 73,7 cm)

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB50 low-profile microphone stand

Ultimate Support is a company that specializes only in audio equipment accessories and studio furniture and they have many lines of microphone stands. Moreover, Ultimate Support has a large selection of low-profile mic stands, but today we want to highlight the Ultimate Support JS-MCTB50 low-profile microphone stand from a whole product line.

Ultimate Support JS-MCTB50 is a simple low-profile mic stand on a tripod base with a telescopic t-bar. Nothing unusual, just a good quality microphone stand, but the price will pleasantly surprise you ~30$.

6. Hercules MS120BPRO and MS540B low-profile microphone stands

Hercules MS120BPRO dimensions: Pole - 12.5" to 16.75"' (32 to 41 cm) / Boom arm - 17.3" to 31.5" (44 to 80 cm)

Hercules MS540B dimensions: Pole - 25.8" (65 cm) / Boom arm - 30.7" to 48" (78 to 122 cm)

Hercules MS120BPRO and MS540B low-profile microphone stands

Hercules specializes in musical instrument accessories, DJ equipment accessories, and of course microphone stands. The brand is quite reputable and unites a large number of artists and musicians under its wing. Their products are also very high quality, but unfortunately not as cheap as we would like. Still, their low-profile microphone stands deserve to be on our list, and let's take a closer look at them.

Hercules MS120BPRO and MS540B are the only low profile microphone stands in the product line. Their distinctive feature is their size, a little more and they can be classified as classic microphone stands. However, this is their advantage, because the size is adjustable thanks to the telescoping pole and boom arm (t-bar), which will allow you to more accurately adjust the position of your microphone + these stands can be perfectly suitable for people with low height.

Hercules MS120BPRO has a round weighted base with a radius of 4.7" / 120mm, as you may have noticed the base has slots - like "H" style. This is a great solution for a tighter fit to your drum kit (the base will not interfere with the struts of your drum kit - you can look at the pictures above). The Hercules MS540B has a folding tripod base and slightly different dimensions, which you can check out above. We would also like to point out the high quality of the fastening and locking elements of both stands + both stands come with mic clip holder.

7. Hola! low-profile mic stand

Hola! LP mic stand dimensions: Pole - 19" to 29"' (32 to 41 cm) / Boom arm - 4" to 27" (44 to 80 cm)

Hola! low-profile mic stand

Meet another best-selling low-profile microphone stand from Hola! on our list. The Hola! brand mainly specializes in stringed instruments such as ukuleles, acoustic guitars and mandolins, but their product line includes accessories such as microphone stands.

What can we say about their low profile stands? - It has an excellent price and quality (it's very cheap, but it's very high quality and well thought out in every detail). We would like to draw your attention to the telescoping boom arm and pole. Thanks to the telescoping parts you can easily position your microphone and choose the right positioning for the stand itself. In addition, Hola! low-profile stand is equipped with a small counterweight (it is also a handle for convenient height adjustment) and comes with a threaded adapter from 3/8 to 5/8, a cable clip.

8. Samson MB1 low-profile microphone stand

Samson MB1 dimensions: Pole - 16" to 21" (40,6 to 52 cm) / Boom arm - 15" to 28" (38 to 71 cm)

Samson MB1 low-profile microphone stand

Samson MB1 is a low-base mic stand of mid-range price. Samson MB1, compared to Hamilton SR610121B, has few differences, but they do exist. For example, Samson MB1 has a slightly different base: weighted legs are made of metal, which allows the stand to hold tightly its position. Then Samson MB1 has a telescoping top bar, which increases the operating range of the stand (for example, you can record the kick drum to your drum set, and with the same success you can reach volumes).

Height without boom arm (from floor to boom arm) adjusts from 16” (40cm) to 21” (52cm), the telescoping boom arm has a height from 15” (38cm) to 28” (71cm), so the max height is 44” (1.1 m). You can also use a Samson MB1 as a desktop stand if your work surface has enough space. Also, there is included a microphone holder for handheld types of microphones. As for the price, the Samson MB1 is more expensive about 10$ than the Hamilton SR610121B. Samson MB1 is a great low-profile stand and it deservedly gets to our list of best microphone stands.

9. Stage Rocker powered by Hamilton (SR610121B and SR610111) low-profile mic stand

Stage Rocker SR610121B dimensions: Pole - 9.6'' to 17'' (22,8 to 43 cm) / Boom arm - up to 9" (22,8 cm)

Stage Rocker SR610111 dimensions: Pole - 9.6'' to 17'' (22,8 to 43 cm) / Boom arm - up to  8.3" (20,3 cm)

7. Stage Rocker powered by Hamilton (SR610121B and SR610111) low-profile mic stand

Stage Rocker SR610121B and SR610111 are some of the cheapest low-profile mic stands today, with an excellent ratio of price/quality. Stage Rocker low-profile mic stands are perfect for recording and voicing drum kits, cello, guitar cabs, and other musical instruments. We believe that every studio should have a low-profile stand in its arsenal, so Stage Rocker SR610121B and SR610111 are perfect solutions for home recording studios, pro studios, and stages.

As for the functionality, we have given all the dimensions of both microphone stands above. SR610121B stand model has a tripod base, while SR610111 has a heavy-duty die-cast rectangular base with rounding. Unfortunately, these mic stands are only available at Amazon and there you will be able to find a large number of positive reviews about these stands, there are two options available at the link above: with tri-pod base and a heavy base.

10. InnoGear low profile microphone stand with weighted base

InnoGear low-profile stand dimensions: Pole - 11'' to 15.8'' (28 to 40 cm) / Boom arm - 17" (43 cm)

InnoGear low-profile microphone stand with weighted base

InnoGear is a brand of Chinese products, but that doesn't mean their products are low-quality. At the moment China produces quite high-quality products and this stand is no exception and deserves a place in our list of the best low-profile microphone stands. It is also worth noting that InnoGear products (regarding microphone stands) are one of the best-selling.

Let's move on to their low profile mic stand. The stand has a rather heavy base weighing 5lbs / 2.2kg + the base itself has a black rubber stripping at the bottom that will protect the table from scratches and prevent the stand from sliding. InnoGear low-profile mic stand comes with cable clips for cable management, has a holder for handheld dynamic microphones, and thread adapter from 3/8" to 5/8". As the manufacturer claims the stand can hold 2 kg, but we strongly recommend not to overload it and use ordinary light microphones. To tell the truth, we were very surprised by the package of this low-profile stand, InnoGear paid attention to details and got a product with an excellent price/quality ratio + InnoGear also emphasizes their quality fasteners.

In Conclusion

Here we come to the end of our list of the 10 best low-profile microphone stands. By far the best low-profile mic stand is from TAMA, and the best price/quality ratio goes to the brands Hola!, Samson MB1, Stage Rocker & Ultimate Support. Every year we will update our article and all information will be as up-to-date as possible.

We hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below. Our editorial team will be happy to answer any of your questions and suggestions.

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