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Best Heavy Duty Overhead Mic Stands for drums & studio

December 16, 2023

In today's article, our editorial team has selected the top 10 best heavy duty (overhead) microphone stands for you. We've scoured the entire microphone stand market and selected the best options currently available. Now, first, let's fully dive into the subject, and let's look at all the features, pros, and cons of heavy-duty overhead mic stands.

Heavy Duty - Overhead microphone stands have a wide range of applications, they have the longest length and often have a wheeled base, for easy movement in space (as they are heavyweight). They are often used to record a drum kit or musical instruments (like a grand piano or other keys), choirs, or an orchestra. Overhead heavy duty microphone stands are also used in the film industry and TV production, as it is a very convenient device to place a microphone outside the camera view.

In addition, you can use this type of microphone stand for studio work, as the height adjustment of the stand allows you to use this type of mic stand as an ordinary tripod boom + if you have a fairly heavy studio microphone (around or over 1 kilogram of weight), then this is definitely your choice. Heavy-duty or overhead stands have a wide range of applications, except that they are rarely seen on stage at a concert because they are too heavy (it is also difficult to transport them, as the weight of heavy-duty overhead stands exceeds 15kg on average).

Before we get to our main list of the 10 best heavy duty overhead mic stands, let's take a look at the different types of microphone stands and how they differ from each other to better understand their purpose.

Types of Microphone Stands

Heavy Duty Microphone Stands. They're also called Overhead microphone stands, they are one of the many types of microphone stands. They are not so diverse on the market as they solve quite specific tasks. The purpose of their use we described above, but their main disadvantage is their weight and size, they are quite heavy to transport.

Classic Floor Microphone Stand. These are the most common and best-selling microphone stands, covering all the basic needs for recording or live performance. You probably can't find a recording studio without this type of stand. Classic floor microphone stands can have a tripod base or a heavy round base, can have a boom arm (T-Bar), or just be straight, they have recently been found with a gooseneck on the end (we strongly discourage the purchase of stands with the gooseneck). But this article is not about them, we have a separate huge article about the best classic microphone stands.

Low-Profile Microphone Stands. These are the shortest mic stands. Low-profile mic stands are mainly used for recording drum kits (kick drums, toms, snares, etc.), cajones, sound sources that are located quite low, or guitar amps and cabinets. Low mic stands have a variation with a boom arm and meet without it, as well as have a round base or tripod base. We also have a separate article with the best low profile microphone stands on the market.

Desktop Microphone Stands. As well as floor standing microphone stands are the most common and best-selling. Often a desktop microphone stand comes with USB microphones. These stands provide stability and flexibility for your microphone on the tabletop, allowing you to achieve optimal positioning for clear and professional sound capture.

Desktop mic stands come in different types and designs: straight with round or tripod base, full gooseneck, branded for the microphone, desktop boom arms (like most streamers or podcasters/broadcasters have), retro or vintage styled, and are found in various shapes and variations. For some people, these stands are indispensable things in their work and we also have an article about desktop boom arms with all the details and descriptions of their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the 10 Best Heavy Duty Overhead Mic Stands:

Before making a list of the 10 best heavy duty overhead microphone stands, our editors studied many reviews on online stores from users, and we also relied on our experience with microphone stands. We hope you will find a heavy-duty overhead microphone stand that is perfect for your situation and needs. If you think we have missed something, please let us know in the comments section and we will add it to the list.

1. LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 and micKing 2200 heavy-duty microphone stands

LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 dimensions: Pole - 48" to 72" (122 to 183 cm) / Boom arm - 36" to 84" (91,5 to 213 cm)

LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 dimensions: Pole - 48" to 120" (122 to 305 cm) / Boom arm - 48" to 108" (122 to 274 cm)

LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 and micKing 2200 heavy-duty microphone stands
LATCH LAKE micKing 2200 on the left in the picture, LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 on the right

The name of this mic stand speaks for itself! This is truly the mic king! LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 and micKing 2200 are currently the most expensive microphone stands in the world, and according to the manufacturer, they are the strongest in the world. The manufacturer LATCH LAKE specializes in producing accessories for audio equipment and musicians, at the moment they produce the best quality premium microphone stands and premium guitar sliders. We recommend visiting LATCH LAKE's official website to get acquainted with the product line.

LATCH LAKE microphone stands are very expensive. But on the other hand, the price of these mic stands is a bit justified, because they look great and are thought out to the smallest details and will meet absolutely all your needs. A distinctive feature of the LATCH Lake mic stands is the heavy footprint base with wheels to carry all the heavy construction, premium quality clamps, components, and removable 7 lb / 3.2 kg counterweight.

We recommend that you purchase this stand if you are a perfectionist and use only the most expensive and high-quality equipment, or if you have an expensive microphone that requires a comparable microphone stand, as there is simply no comparable microphone stand in the world. Also, these microphone stands may be useful for working with a choir - orchestra or in case you want to impress your studio guests. It should be noted that Latch Lake manufactures its products in the United States, which most likely affects the cost of the final product.

LATCH LAKE micKing 3300 and micKing 2200 are available in two colors - chrome and black.

2. König & Meyer K&M 21430 Overhead microphone stand

K&M 21430 dimensions: Pole - 52" to 87" (134 to 221 cm) / Boom arm - 42" to 73,6" (107 to 187 cm)

K&M 21430 heavy duty overhead mic stand

Known for their high-quality construction and attention to detail, K&M (König & Meyer) has a strong reputation in the industry, and the 21430 lives up to the brand's standards. Microphone stands from this manufacturer can be found in almost one in three professional recording studios. König & Meyer products are also used by concert halls and orchestras around the world due to their high quality (but quite expensive) products. The company dates back to 1949 and today has one of the widest ranges of microphone stands and audio accessories made in Germany. We all love and appreciate German quality, but not all of K&M's microphone stands have been successful (the competition doesn't sleep either).

The K&M 21430 is designed with precision and durability in mind. It features a sturdy steel base with a wide footprint, wheels and a 3kg counterweight for excellent stability during performances or recording sessions. The stand's black powder-coated finish adds a touch of elegance while protecting it from scratches and wear and tear over time. The overall build quality is exceptional, ensuring that the stand can withstand regular use without compromising its stability or longevity; all of the K&M 2140's fasteners and clamps are of good quality and will serve you well for a long time to come.

The 21430 Microphone Stand offers excellent adjustability to suit different needs and preferences. It has a telescopic shaft with a height range of approximately 52" to 87" (134 to 221 cm), allowing you to find the perfect position for your microphone setup. The stand's boom arm is adjustable from 42" to 73.6" (107 to 187 cm), giving you the flexibility to tilt the microphone exactly where you need it. The adjustment mechanisms are smooth and reliable, allowing for easy and secure positioning. You can be confident that your microphone will remain securely in place throughout your performance or recording session.

In conclusion, the K&M 21430 Microphone Stand is a top-of-the-line option for professionals seeking a reliable, adjustable, and stable solution for their microphone setups. Its durable construction, ease of use, and excellent stability make it a worthwhile investment. While it may be more expensive than some alternatives, the quality and performance justify the cost. Whether you're a musician, vocalist, podcaster or audio professional, the K&M 21430 is a reliable companion that will enhance your workflow.

3. Triad-Orbit Starbird SB-1 heavy duty super boom stand

Starbird SB-1 dimensions: Pole - 63" to 102" (161 to 260 cm) / Boom arm - 55,5" to 98,4" (141 to 250 cm)

Triad-Orbit Starbird SB-1 heavy duty super boom stand

Meet the legendary SB-1 STARBIRD microphone stand with a long history dating back to the 1940s. This microphone stand is manufactured by Triad-Orbit, a company that specializes exclusively in advanced stand systems. All of their products are of incredibly high quality and therefore not cheap (the cost of the SB-1 STARBIRD is one of the reasons why it came third on our list).

Unfortunately, we won't describe all the advantages & features of the SB-1 STARBIRD in this article, we hope to prepare a separate full detailed review for you, as this microphone stand deserves this attention. In many respects, this stand is a direct competitor to the LATCH Lake micKing 3300 and surpasses it in some parameters, for example, in the most convenient and high-quality caster base. Everything about quality is about Triad-Orbit. The SB-1 STARBIRD is currently an outstanding heavy-duty microphone stand for use exclusively in professional environments, in recording studios with large rooms.

We really want to get the SB-1 STARBIRD into our SoundGale studio for a full review and comparison with the micKing 3300. But we have to save some money to buy these gentlemen, they are very expensive.

If you are an enthusiast and want to use only the best equipment, the SB-1 STARBIRD mic stand is your choice. You can choose between the SB-1 STARBIRD and the LATCH Lake micKing 3300, both of which are the best heavy duty overhead mic stands currently available on the market. We highly recommend visiting the official Triad-Orbit website before purchasing their microphone stands. There you can read the complete history of the SB-1 STARBIRD and read in detail the full specifications and features of this microphone stand.

4. Atlas Sound SB36WE (SB36W) heavy-duty microphone stand

Atlas Sound SB36W dimensions: Pole - 49" to 73" (124,4 to 185,4 cm) / Boom arm - 62" (157,4 cm)

Atlas Sound SB36WE (SB36W) heavy-duty microphone stand
  • Atlas Sound SB36WE - Ebony
  • Atlas Sound SB36W - Chrome

Atlas IED is a large manufacturing conglomerate that produces a wide range of equipment in various fields, and they have a division called Atlas Sound that manufactures audio products, including premium microphone stands.

The Atlas Sound SB36W has a sturdy and robust design, constructed with heavy gauge steel materials to ensure long-lasting performance. The build quality of the stand is exceptional, providing stability and reliability even during rigorous use. The stand is quite heavy and has a base on wheels + a 6 lb / 2.7 kg counterweight.

Our editorial team loves Atlas Sound stands and we even have several of them in our studio, but not everything is so clear. Let's talk about the drawbacks. Compared to premium mic stands from K&M or LATCH LAKE, Atlas Sound stands don't have the best finish, so we recommend you take a closer look at chrome stands (over time, the finish around clamps and fasteners wears off, we hope Atlas Sound has taken this problem into account). Also, the T-bar boom arm is not telescopic on this model, the SB36W has a fixed height of 62" (157.4 cm).

In general, the Atlas Sound SB36WE (SB36W) heavy-duty microphone stand turned out to be quite good, but it costs more than the K&M 21430.

5. Ultimate Support MC-125 overhead heavy-duty mic stand

Ultimate Support MC-125 dimensions: Pole - 52" to 83" (132 to 211 cm) / Boom arm - 35" to 61" (99 to 155 cm)

Ultimate Support MC-125 overhead heavy-duty mic stand

Ultimate Support is a recently established company that specializes in music instrument stands, pro audio stands, rack cases, acoustic wall panels, and other studio/music equipment accessories. We recommend the Ultimate Support MC-125 mic stand for those who have a heavy studio microphone, as the Ultimate Support MC-125 has a counterweight at the end of the boom arm. Another notable feature of this stand is that it has a rollerblade-style base (base diameter is 22.5" 572mm), which allows you to move the stand conveniently with the least amount of effort.

The Ultimate Support MC-125 is one of the tallest and most adjustable stands on our list of best heavy duty overhead mic stands. The height from bottom to top bar adjusts from 52" (1.3 m) to 83" (2.1 m). The boom extends from 35" (890mm) to 61" (1.5m). And the total stand height reaches 145" (3.7 m). This stand is also very handy for room and drum set recordings, especially for overheads, as it has an additional suspension boom at the end of the main boom arm.

6. Gibraltar GOMBS overhead microphone stand

Gibraltar GOMBS microphone stand for drums

Gibraltar Hardware specializes exclusively in drum accessories and drum hardware. Our eyes fell on their Gibraltar GOMBS overhead microphone boom stand. This heavy-duty microphone stand is a unique piece: it perfectly matches the design of the chrome drum hardware, has an extra-stable tripod base, and a two-tier telescoping boom arm & pole with a detachable counterweight.

Overall the Gibraltar GOMBS microphone stand looks very solid and stylish, but unfortunately, we were unable to find the exact dimensions and specifications of this overhead microphone stand. You can buy it on Gibraltar's Hardware official website for a rather attractive price.

7. On-Stage SMS7650 heavy-duty - overhead microphone stand

On-Stage SMS7650 dimensions: Pole - 40" to 82" (101 to 208 cm) / Boom arm - 82" (208 cm)

On-Stage SMS7650

The company On-Stage is based in the USA and has been manufacturing musical instruments, accessories for musical instruments, microphone stands, and stands for various musical instruments for 36 years. And we do not doubt the quality of the SMS7650, we just want to note that this is not the first and not the last On-Stage stand in our list of best heavy duty overhead mic stands. As for the height of this stand, it has a higher adjustable height than the Ultimate Support MC-125, as it has a three-part vertical shaft and a higher boom arm. The total height of this stand is 164" (4.1 m) + 7" (177 mm) mini boom adapter. In all other respects, it is the same as the Ultimate Support MC-125, it has a platform on wheels and a counterweight for heavy microphones (but the Ultimate Support MC-125 mic stand has a slightly higher build quality and therefore costs 10% more).

Also, another notable factor of the On-Stage SMS7650 is that this stand has fasteners with the company's logo, which looks nice on the housing. Despite the high cost of the On-Stage SMS7650, it has a high rating on the Amazon store and you can read a very large amount of positive feedback from users of this stand. Thanks to its adjustable size, this mic stand can be used for absolutely everything: vocals, instruments, drums, etc.

The only thing we didn't like was the T-bar boom arm, as it is not telescopic and has a fixed height (yes, you can adjust the height of the boom, but this complicates the mobility and transportation of this accessory).

8. LyxPro overhead microphone stand with a tripod wheelbase

LyxPro mic stand dimensions: Pole - 53" to 90" (135 to 228 cm) / Boom arm - 46" to 87" (117 to 221 cm)

LyxPro overhead microphone stand

The LyxPro Overhead Microphone Stand is a rather controversial product as it has a lot of mixed reviews. LyxPro mainly sells Chinese products, but no less their products are very popular and they have taken a place in their niche. The LyxPro microphone stand has cosmetic flaws in the paint, the paint starts to peel off over time, and the fasteners and some of the metal threads are not very high quality - but if you use this stand carefully, it will last you quite a long time. The LyxPro overhead microphone stand is on sale at a very attractive price.

The LyxPro mic stand is currently one of the cheapest overhead mic stands in the world and is on our list of best overhead microphone stands. In all parameters, the LyxPro mic stand is better than the On-Stage SB96+ and has a boom arm counterweight compared to its competitor.

9. Samson SB100 overhead microphone stand

Samson SB100 dimensions: adjustable to over 144" (365.8 cm) in height / Boom arm - up to 72" (182.8 cm)

Samson SB100 mic stand

The Samson SB100 would be a great option for a heavy duty microphone stand on a tight budget. We all know Samson for their beautiful Samson Meteor microphone. And the company decided to expand into the audio equipment accessories market, which they did very well.

Samson SB100 microphone stand has heavy-duty steel construction, a counter-weighted telescopic boom, caster wheel base. Probably, Samson SB100 is one of the best budget overhead mic stands on our list. Our editorial team recommends reading customer reviews on Amazon (most of them positive) and we recommend this stand for purchase if its size and dimensions are suitable for your needs.

10. On-Stage SB96+ overhead mic stand

On-Stage SB96+ dimensions: Pole - 45" to 76" (114 to 193 cm) / Boom arm - 43" to 79" (109 to 200 cm)

On-Stage SB96+

The On-Stage company has another microphone stand in their line of heavy-duty overhead microphone stands - the On-Stage SB96+ model. The On-Stage SB96+ mic stand is the younger brother of the On-Stage SMS7650 mic stand, as it has a smaller boom and T-bar, a more modest base, but also comes on wheels.

The On-Stage SB96+ is one of the cheapest stands in the heavy-duty overhead category, but we do not recommend this model for purchase due to a low-quality base, no counterweight, a large number of negative reviews, and because there is a better and cheaper analog - the LyxPro overhead microphone stand, which you can see in the position above. The On-Stage SB96+ mic stand is the lowest value for money, but still, most tasks will be handled very well by this stand.

In Conclusion

Here we come to the end of our list of the best heavy duty overhead mic stands. We have tried and found all possible options from the mic stands market and among all of them we liked LATCH Lake stands the most. Yes, LATCH Lake is a very expensive brand, but in our list half of the mic stands are quite budget-friendly. We also want to mention Triad-Orbit Starbird SB-1, we wish every reader to have this legend in their studio! Every year we will update our article and all information will be as up-to-date as possible.

Let us know in the comments which overhead mic stand you like the most. Also leave any questions, or suggestions or point out our mistakes, we will be happy to answer everything.

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