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Top 7 Best Blue Yeti Pop Filters

April 23, 2024

Today we are going to talk about the best Blue Yeti pop filters available on the market. But before we get to our list, we'll briefly explain what a pop filter is, how it works, and take a look at what the Yeti microphone line-up is all about.

Logitech bought out Blue Microphones back in 2018 for a whopping $117 million. Since then, the parent company has barely touched it, occasionally releasing an unusual special edition Yeti microphone or a compact microphone for streamers. However, all of this came to an abrupt, as Logitech shut down the Blue website, removed the sub-brand from its website, and confirmed that "Blue" would henceforth refer only to Logitech audio technology. Whether this is good or bad is not for us to judge, but the Yeti line of microphones currently includes: YetiCaster GX, Yeti Studio, Yeti ORB, Yeti GX, Yeti X, Yeti NANO, and classic Yeti.

Although there are quite a few Yeti models at the moment (7 already) we will help you to find the best pop filter for Blue Yeti microphones. But first, before we move on to the list, let's briefly explain how the pop filter works and what it is.

A pop filter is a device used in audio recording to reduce or eliminate the popping sounds that occur when recording vocals, particularly consonant sounds like "p", "b", "t", "d", "k", "g" (called Plosives). These sounds produce bursts of air that can cause distortion or unwanted noise in the recording. The pop filter acts as a barrier between the vocalist and the microphone, diffusing the airflow and minimizing the impact of these bursts, resulting in cleaner and clearer recordings. Additionally, pop filters can also help to reduce sibilance and other unwanted mouth noises, improving overall sound quality.

Blue Yeti Build in pop filter
Most mics including all mics in the Yeti line have a built-in pop filter. The built-in pop filter is a foam windscreen behind a metal grille. Unfortunately, as a rule, they do not fully cope with their task, so almost for high-quality recording from any microphone, you need a separate external pop filter.

Pay attention to the pop filter clamp

To choose the best pop filter for a blue yeti microphone you should pay attention to the clamp microphone pop filter, and now we will tell you why. Almost all Yeti microphones come with a table stand and they are usually of different shapes. Yeti Orb comes with a cylindrical desk stand, while all other Yeti microphones (Classic Yeti, Yeti X, Yeti GX, Yeti Nano) come with a specific-shaped desk stand. All this affects the choice of pop filter for Yeti microphones in case you intend to attach the pop filter to the supplied desk stand.

The pop filters with angle clamp will fit the supplied desktop stand from Yeti ORB and will fit all microphone stands or boom arms you buy separately for your microphone. While the pop filters with flat clamp will fit desktop stands from Classic Yeti, Yeti X, Yeti GX, Yeti Nano, and to some other microphone stands or boom arms that have flat shapes in their construction. When choosing a pop filter for your Yeti mic pay attention to the clamp of the pop filter, this will help you choose the best blue yeti pop filter.

Blue Yeti with pop filter on desktop stand

As practice shows (and as shown in the picture above), it is possible to mount the pop filter with an angle clamp on the desktop stand supplied with Yeti microphones, but this method is not the most reliable. We still recommend the pop filters with a flat clamp.

Here's our list of The Best Blue Yeti Pop Filters

Before compiling the list of best blue yeti pop filters, we thoroughly researched the market and the pop filter models that would be ideal for the Yeti line of microphones. All pop filters on our list are recommended for purchase, you will not regret it. We also relied on user reviews (based solely on the quality of the products, experience of use, and of course on price/quality ratio).

1. Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

We give the first well-deserved place in our list of best blue yeti pop filters to - Blue The Pop Universal. And now let's tell you why this device deserves the first place.

The Blue The Pop Universal pop filter is an effective solution for reducing plosive sounds and improving vocal or speech recordings. Designed to fit a wide range of microphones, this pop filter features a durable gooseneck and a sturdy clamp for easy attachment to microphone stands + it can be easily attached to all the desktop stands that come with all Yeti microphones.

One of the standout features of The Pop is its dual-layer design (first layer - thin synthetic mesh / second layer - metal grid), which effectively diffuses airflow and minimizes plosive sounds without compromising vocal clarity. Whether recording vocals, podcasts, or voiceovers, this pop filter helps to achieve cleaner and more professional-sounding results. The adjustable arm allows for precise positioning, ensuring optimal placement between the vocalist and the microphone. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any recording setup, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Blue yeti and blue the pop universal

Unlike all other pop filters on our list Blue The Pop Universal is completely metal and has no plastic parts, as well as this model has one of the highest quality gooseneck among all pop filters market and time-tested quality plosives reduction. Blue The Pop Universal is a perfect match for the Yeti line of microphones (it looks aesthetically pleasing and harmonious) and is also a pop filter often found in respected recording studios.

2. Aokeo Pop Filters

Aokeo Pop filters

In second place we have some of the best-selling pop filters from Aokeo. Aokeo pop filters are available in two variations, the first one is double-layer (each layer is made of nylon fabric) and the second one is single-layer with metal mesh. And we immediately anticipate the question, what is the difference between pop filters with metal grids and nylon filters? - We will try to answer it.

Regarding the sound, most sound engineers lean toward the side that metal meshes let more high frequencies through, while nylon filters have highs roll off. But again this is not entirely true, it all depends on the microphone and the vocalist, there are situations where highs roll-off is necessary and vice versa. Again most people won't notice the difference and we don't recommend you dwell on this issue, but recording professionals have both nylon and metal pop filters in their arsenal. But the most important difference you should look for is that metal pop filters are much easier to clean from saliva, etc. At the same time metal pop filters are more expensive. If you are on a budget, we recommend that you buy two pop filters and choose the one you like best.

An interesting case study from SoundGale Studios

Once at our SoundGale studio we recorded dubbing of one of the commercials. Before the recording, one of the voice actors ate a dish with a lot of garlic, and guess what? - We had to throw out the nylon pop filter because we couldn't clean it.

Back to our pop filters from Aokeo. Both pop filters are recommended for purchase, they are very cheap and do a great job of canceling plosive sounds. The only thing users often complain about is that the gooseneck stops holding the pop filter after a while, but this is a problem with almost all gooseneck pop filters. The pop filters also have an angled clamp so you can easily attach them to all mics in the Yeti lineup and to any microphone stand.

3. PEMOTech PopShield for Blue Yeti

PEMOTech Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

On third place of our list of best blue yeti pop filters is a rather interesting device from PEMOTech. PopShield is the same pop filter but appeared on the market of microphone accessories not so long ago. Its distinctive feature is that it has three layers: the first is a very thin fabric mesh, the second is a metal mesh, and the third layer is a thin foam windscreen. This pop filter from PEMOTech is very good at damping the sound from exhalations thanks to foam windscreen and at the same time it gets rid of plosive sounds, i.e. it works like a classical pop filter.

Another great feature of PopShield design is that it has no gooseneck and there is nothing to break in it, the device is quite durable. In addition, it is easy to clean like classic metal pop filters. It is attached to the microphone with elastic bands around the body of the microphone + it combines perfectly with Yeti microphones.

We can safely recommend the PEMOTech pop filter for purchase, as it has almost no disadvantages. We also noticed a similar device from the most famous YouTuber PewDiePie, and if I remember correctly he also used Popshield with Blue Yeti microphone.

4. YOUSHARES Pop Filter with flat clamp


Another interesting pop filter on our list and quite unusual in shape. YOUSHARES Pop Filter has a distinctive feature, its metal grille is made in the shape of a waveform, this shape was borrowed from one of the most premium handmade pop filters "JZ Microphones Pop Filter". YOUSHARES Pop Filter is double-layered, both layers made of metal waveform mesh. We added this pop filter to our list of best pop filters for blue yeti microphones because it has a flat clamp that conveniently attaches to the desktop stands included in Yeti line microphones. This pop filter can also be attached directly to your desk. According to YOUSHARES manufacturer, this pop filter is for the Yeti X model, but this is far from being true as it will fit any Yeti mic.

The slight disadvantage of this microphone is its average diameter of 100mm/4 inches, but this diameter is quite sufficient as the capsules of Yeti mics are small. It copes with its duties of getting rid of plosive sounds perfectly, as practice and our tests show, waveform has an advantage in this matter. We recommend the YOUSHARES pop filter to buy, you will not be disappointed.

5. ARISEN Pop Filter with double metal mesh core

Arisen Pop Filter

The distinguishing feature of the ARISEN Pop Filter is its unusual segments. All segments of the pop filter are metal, the core of the pop filter is a dual-layer - two metal grilles, and all other four parts are single-layer. ARISEN Pop Filter is very qualitatively assembled but it costs more than many pop filters in our list. It copes well with its duties of canceling plosives and is also ideal for Yeti microphones. There is no problem with mounting it on Yeti's desktop mic stand.

6. Auphonix Pop Filter for Blue Yeti mics

Auphonix Pop Filter

Auphonix Pop Filter is very similar to the Aokeo Pop Filter, which is in the second place on our list. It also has two layers of nylon fabric, but the only difference is that Auphonix made a flat clamp for Yeti microphones, so it's a bit more convenient to attach it to Yeti microphone stands, as well as this pop filter can be attached directly to your desk.

7. Foam and Fur Windscreens for Yeti microphones

Foam and Fur Windscreens for Yeti microphones

Our list of best blue yeti pop filters is rounded out by two unusual microphone accessories that are not pop filters. We decided to include them in our list because the device is actually quite useful and is often used together with a pop filter. Windscreens are used to suppress exhalation sounds, microphone blowouts, or wind noise on the street.

Foam windscreens slightly save from blowing, but at the same time work a bit like a pop filter. As you may have noticed at the beginning of our article, built-in pop filters in microphones are usually made of the same material but do not save much from plosive sounds, so you have to buy an additional pop filter. Foam windscreen is recommended to be used in combination with a pop filter to achieve better recording results.

Fur windscreen is mostly used outdoors, it saves from wind gusts. A great accessory if you like to hold conferences, broadcasts outdoors, or sit on a terrace or loggia. It is also recommended to use it with a pop filter, but fur windscreen can slightly dampen the signal level of the microphone, so it is recommended to increase the gain of the microphone when used with fur windscreen.

In Conclusion

We hope our list of the Best Blue Yeti Pop Filters will help you find the perfect pop filter for your Yeti microphone. To summarize, we can safely say that one of the best pop filters at the moment is Blue The Pop Universal, but it is the most expensive and not so easy to find on the marketplaces at the moment. So we recommend you take a closer look at all the other pop filters on our list, they all do a great job. For example, in our SoundGale studio, we have pop filters from Aokeo, ARISEN, and PEMOTech PopShield in addition to Blue The Pop Universal.

We also have a separate article about the Top 20 Best Microphone Pop Filters available on the market and suitable for all microphones (you can check it out at the link).

Feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions in the section below, we'll be happy to answer them all.

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