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AKAI LPK25 MK2 Review - Compact MIDI Keyboard

March 15, 2024

The class of two-octave compact midi keyboards is in great demand among aspiring musicians. This is due to their low price, small size and minimal set of functions. Also, such keyboards are usually used to take them with you on a trip, that is, make them part of your "mobile set-up". There are many scenarios of using such keyboards. And today we'll get acquainted with AKAI LPK25 MK2 and make a small review. So let's start our review with the specifications, as usual, and then we'll see what this device is capable of.

Best Price on AKAI LPK25 MK2

The AKAI LPK25 MK2 MIDI Keyboard is a compact and versatile tool with bunch of features for music production on the go.

AKAI LPK25 MK2 Package Classic Package

AKAI LPK25 MK2 Specifications:

  • 25 note velocity sensitive keyboard, 10-octave range (127 MIDI notes), octave Down/Up buttons
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sustain button
  • Programs: 8 stored programs, configurable via free downloadable editor software
  • Built-In Clock: makes for powerful control of any destination, whether software instrument, hardware device, or USB-enabled modular gear, all via a single USB cable
  • USB/MIDI class compliant no drivers needed
  • Powered via USB cable
  • Can be powered by Android devices or Apple iPads (Camera Connection Kit required)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 348 x 102 x 38mm (13.7 x 4.0 x 1.5 inches)
  • Net Weight: 450 grams (0,99lbs.)
  • Set Includes: AKAI LPK25 MK2 unit, software download card, user guide, safety & warranty manual, USB-A to USB-B cable + software: MPC Beats with some plugin instruments, effects and expansion packs; Reason+ 6 month free, Melodics 60 free lessons.
  • Color Scheme: black housing with red branded inserts on the sides

Arpeggiator Specs:

  • Range: 1–4 octaves
  • Modes: Up, Down, Exclusive, Inclusive, Order, Random, or Latching
  • Time Divisions: 1/4-note, 1/4-note triplet, 1/8-note, 1/8-note triplet, 1/16-note, 1/16-note triplet, 1/32-note, or 1/32-note triplet
  • Tempo: 30–240 BPM via Tap Tempo button (internal sync). Based on software tempo (external sync)
  • Swing: 50%, 55%, 59%, 61%, or 64%

Overall Build, Design & Features

Let's start our AKAI LPK25 MK2 review with the design. The controller is designed in a minimalistic style, nothing catches your eye and looks nice. All new devices from AKAI have similar styling, so if you have other devices from AKAI they will match perfectly in your workspace. Compared to the previous version, the AKAI LPK25 MK2 has red branded inserts on the sides, which look stylish, emphasizing the design code of all AKAI devices. The case itself is perfectly made, nothing squeaks or rattles, we have never had any complaints with AKAI in terms of assembly. This brand sets the standard!

The LPK25 MK2 features the revolutionary Gen 2 Dynamic keyboard, first introduced in the legendary MPK Mini MK3 MIDI controller. The AKAI LPK25 MK2 controller offers twenty-five keys with reduced force sensitivity. The key mechanics used guarantee a more accurate response to pressure velocity and improved playing comfort. Before writing our review of the AKAI LPK25 MK2, we read a large number of reviews and most users say that the quality of the keys and the keyboard itself is much better than the compact MIDI controller Korg NanoKey, IK Multimedia iRig Keys and Chinese MIDI keyboards.

In the class of compact 2-octave MIDI keyboards there are not so many devices and manufacturers (some of them: AKAI, Arturia, Novation, M-Audio, Native Instruments, Nektar, Korg, Alesis, IK Multimedia and several Chinese brands). Buying AKAI products you can be sure in quality, perhaps from all listed manufacturers of MIDI controllers with AKAI can compete only Arturia, Native Instruments, Novation, as they produce the most high-quality and advanced controllers. We also have a review of Arturia MicroLab and MiniLab 3, also belong to the class of 2-octave MIDI keyboards and you can follow the link and compare these controllers with AKAI LPK25 MK2.

Software Included:

For a small budget controller, the AKAI LPK25 MK2 is equipped with a generous set of software, making it even more valuable. Let's take a look at the software bundle that comes with the AKAI MIDI controller.

  • MPC Beats - it's a powerfull DAW based on the legendary MPC hardware, for beatmaking and more. At the link you can see all the features of MPC Beats. Although MPC Beats is a free DAW it has extensive features and user friendly functional interface.
  • MPC Plugin Instruments - discover Tubesynth, Bassline, and Electric plugin instruments for a wide range of synth, monophonic leads and basses, as well as pads, electric keyboard sounds, and much more for rich musical productions and arrangements.
  • Insert Effects - powerful insert effects like Half Speed, Mother Ducker, and AIR Talk Box add instant vibe and character to your tracks to quickly achieve modern sound and feel. Process audio, dial-up creative effects, and finalize your tracks to commercially ready songs for sharing anywhere.
  • MPC Beats Expansion Packs - collections of one shot samples, loops and instruments from the world's best sound designers and creators. AKAI LPK25 MK2 comes with 4 expansion packs: Neo Sunset, Araab Trap Soul, Glitterball, Pad Thai. If you buy these 4 extansion packs individually it will cost you ~145€, but with the AKAI LPK25 MK2 controller you get them for free.
  • Reason+ - 6 months subscription! It's a creative bundle for music making that includes the Reason DAW and the Reason Rack Plugin which can be used in any DAW (VST3/AU/AAX). Jam-packed with over 80 devices, Reason+ covers everything from creative synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and audio effects. This subscription service comes pre-baked with 39,000 presets along with 24GB of samples plus, new plugins and sound content added regularly.
  • Melodics - access to 60 free lessons across pads and keys, so you can level up your finger-drumming and keyboard skills.

In summary, we can say that the software package that comes with AKAI LPK25 MK2 is more expensive than the controller itself. Perhaps one of the best offers on the market!

More Features

Since the LPK25 MKII is a compact controller it doesn't have a separate pedal output, but AKAI have taken care of this by equipping the unit with a Sustain button. Yes, a button instead of a full-fledged pedal is not the best solution - but keep in mind that AKAI has taken care of it and this function is available.

We will not describe much about the built-in arpeggiator, as all its functionality and features are described in the "Arpeggiator Specifications" section, which you can see above at the beginning of our AKAI LPK25 MK2 review. We strongly recommend you to look at the manual before using the arpeggiator, so you will better understand its controls and we want to note that AKAI has signed above the keys all the adjustment values of the arpeggiator. Take 30 minutes and you will have no problems operating this function. Finally, we would like to note that the presence of an arpeggiator in such a small controller is a "Killer Feature".

Final Verdict on AKAI LPK25 MK2

In conclusion, the AKAI LPK25 MK2 MIDI Keyboard is a compact and versatile tool for music production on the go. With its portable design, velocity-sensitive mini keys, plug-and-play connectivity, and affordable price point, the LPK25 MK2 offers a powerful solution for musicians, producers, and performers who demand portability without sacrificing functionality. Whether you're composing in your bedroom, traveling on tour, or collaborating with fellow musicians, the LPK25 MK2 is sure to be your perfect creative companion. Our editorial team recommends the AKAI LPK25 MKII for purchase without any hesitation.

We hope you enjoyed our AKAI LPK25 MK2 review. Feel free to leave your comments, feedback, questions and suggestions in the section below, we'll be happy to answer them all.

  • Affordable Price Point
  • Compact and Portable
  • Built-in Powerful Arpeggiator
  • Sustain Button
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Comprehensive Software Bundle
  • The LPK25 MKII is currently one of the smallest and lightest 2-octave midi keyboards with excellent features and build quality.
  • No Cons. Yes, we can pick on the absence of some features, such as the lack of Aftertouch Effect, lack of encoders, etc., but all of this goes into the background as the device is positioned as a compact on the go MIDI keyboard.
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