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Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma Review - Controller & Sequencer

March 4, 2024

Today we are reviewing Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma, but fortunately or unfortunately we are not going to review all the features of this device in detail, as it is just a slightly redesigned version of Arturia KeyStep Pro controller & sequencer, which we have a detailed review of.

Best Price on Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma

The Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma is a powerhouse controller and sequencer designed to meet the demands of modern musicians, sound producers, and performers.

Arturia KeyStep Pro Package Classic Package

Difference between Chroma and the Original KeyStep Pro versions

The new product comes in a stylish dark gray finish with blue LEDs and a new knob caps design. In addition, the device has a new firmware version 2.5 (also available for free on the original Arturia KeyStep Pro keyboard controller), which allows users to customize the colors of the track control buttons; send program changes for each pattern and MIDI track; lock the transpose function; use a track-specific quick change option by pressing the Shift key and the track number; and the ability to define a fixed velocity of the keys and triggered notes.

Otherwise, KeyStep Pro Chroma retains all the sequencer features of the KeyStep Pro controller with multiple connectivity options that provide deep control over both software and hardware instruments, including four independent polyphonic sequencer tracks and switching capabilities in the form of MIDI, CV, and USB port.

What can the Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma Controller do?

As we have already written, we will not go into detail about the device's functionality (you can read a full review on Arturia's KeyStep Pro), but we will briefly tell you about the features that the KeyStep Pro Chroma offers.

The controller allows you to work with modular units, external synthesizers and the software studio simultaneously. The 4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks give you full control over your instruments. Track 1 can also function as a 16-channel drum sequencer. The sequencer has intuitive controls and extensive connectivity options.

The Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma features a 3-octave keyboard with velocity sensitive and aftertouch + has 16 pads. A total of 4 independent sequencers are available, controlling any synthesizer, module or drum machine. The sequencer offers 16 patterns per track. Each sequencer pattern can be up to 64 steps long and contain 16 notes per step. You can also link up to 16 patterns together to create entire songs or parts of your set. Scene mode allows you to take snapshots of all the sequences in a pattern and instantly switch between sets of sequences. The controller allows you to easily load, duplicate, customize, edit and save sequences for later use in the controller's built-in memory.

The controller has extensive connectivity options. There are 4 separate instrument outputs (CV, Gate, Mod) and 8 separate drum gate outputs. There is also 1 MIDI input and 2 MIDI outputs, a USB port, a sustaining pedal input, and Clock synchronization. A USB cable and power adapter are also included.

Final Thoughts

What we can say in summary... The Chroma version is an ambiguous option on the one hand but on the other hand a very interesting one. If you like the new design of the controller and it suits the color scheme of your studio, then Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma is your choice. As we already mentioned, the differences from the classic Pro version are mostly visual: embellished with a sleek dark gray finish, great-feeling knob caps and customizable track colors and that's it. It's worth mentioning that Chroma costs 50$ more.

Is it worth the $50 overpayment? - Let's answer honestly, yes (the new design is pretty cool). But if your studio and equipment are white, the original KeyStep Pro would look more cozy. Everyone has their own taste, it's up to you to decide. We hope you enjoyed our short review of Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma. Feel free to leave your questions/comments in the section below, we'll be happy to answer them all.

  • Not overpriced
  • Incredible design
  • Great-feeling knob caps
  • Customizable track colors
  • In all other respects, it retains the advantages of the original KeyStep Pro
  • No Cons
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